KUSP’s Staff

General Manager: Bonnie Jean Primbsch, bonniejean [at] kusp [dot] org

Development Director: J.D. Hillard, jd [at] kusp [dot] org

Operations Director: Alex Burke, alexburke [at] kusp [dot] org

Director of New Media & kusp.org: Steve Laufer, steve [at] kusp [dot] org

Volunteer Coordinator for Music Programming: Geo Warner, geo [at] kusp [dot] org

Bookkeeper: Debbie Kelly, debbie [at] kusp [dot] org

Development Assistant: Lea Haratani, lea [at] kusp [dot] org

On-Air Host: Jeff Thornton, jt [at] kusp [dot] org

Underwriting Specialist: Lola Brice, lola [at] kusp [dot] org

Relief Host: AC Smith

KUSP’s professional staff leads and coordinates the work of dozens of community volunteers. You can reach the professional staff by calling 831.476.2800 or e-mailing the links shown above. To contact our volunteer program producers, follow the links on the pages for each specific program.

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