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logo for planet cruz The Planet Cruz Comedy Hour
with Richard Stockton

A comedy show by Santa Cruzans for the Santa Cruz in everybody

Note: Planet Cruz is not broadcast live. Shows are recorded and presented at a later date in a one-hour format.

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Season 4
Listen to Episode 1 aired December 2010

Season 3
Listen to Episode 5 aired September 2010
Johnny Steele, Wallace Baine, Zach Friend and the Planetoid Band.

Listen to Episode 4 April 2010
Johnny Steele, Brian Malow, Dan St. Paul, Zach Friend, The Red Wine sisters, Ron Brown and the Planetoid Band.

to Episode 3
March 2010
Ross Turner, Roy Zimmerman, Mari Kaplin, Teresa Tudury, Ron Wilson and the Planetoid Band, Tammi Brown, Sven Davis, Lisalicious.

Listen to Episode 2
Richard Stockton and the Planet Cruz Players present "The Wake of Charlie Parkhurst." Also Karen Ronkowski, Ron
Shock and Santa Cruz police spokesman Zach Friend.

to Episode 1  

Richard Stockton hosts comedians Dan St. Paul, Becky Pedigo, Jim Joseph and more, along with Santa Cruz police spokesman Zach Friend.

Season 2
Listen to Episode 8  Recorded May 1
Listen to Episode 7  Recorded April 3
to Episode 6  Recorded March 6

Listen to Episode 5  Recorded Feb. 6
Listen to Episode 4  Recorded Jan. 2
to Episode 3  Recorded Dec. 5
Listen to Episode 2  Recorded Nov. 7
to Episode 1  Recorded Oct. 3

Season 1

Listen to Episode 7  Recorded Apr. 4
to Episode 6  Recorded Mar. 7
Listen to Episode 5  Recorded Feb. 1
Listen to Episode 4  Recorded Jan. 4
to Episode 3  Recorded Dec. 7
to Episode 2  Recorded Nov. 2
Listen to Episode 1
 Recorded Oct. 5

A comedy series performed at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center and Broadcast on KUSP and Comcast Television. Each show headlines a nationally renowned comedian amid locally produced sketches and stories.

Testimonials for comedian Richard Stockton:

  • “Boys, now there is a funny one.” -- Ringo Starr, after Richard’s opening set for Ringo Starr and The All-Star Band

  • “Hilarious!” -- Janice Russell, “Rocky Mountain News”

  • “Richard Stockton is off the hook. He is one of the sharpest comics working today.” -- Michael Colyar, host of “Live From LA” on Black Entertainment Television and spokesperson for Anthony Robbins

  • “He killed.” Will Durst, comedian

  • "Very clever and extremely funny.” -- Al Gore, former politician from Tennessee  

    Richard Stockton Bio
    In 1982 he became the morning talk show host of WKDA/KDF in Nashville, Tennessee which was the number one talk show in the mid south for two years. In 1986 he became a full time touring comedian, based in San Francisco. In his twenty years as a standup comedian, he has appeared on dozens of national TV shows, headlined A List comedy clubs from coast to coast – Improv, Punchline, Comedy Underground, Comedy Works, and more – growing an audience of devotees to his unique take on the human potential movement. Richard is licensed by the State of California to teach NeuroLinguistic Programming tools to registered nurses and has based his comedy on his NLP training. His first book, “Fondle The Fear,” is now in it’s second printing, and is the basis for a TV show by the same name, broadcast by Comcast Television in west coast markets. He also creates short stories of transformation for NPR member stations KQED and KUSP in Northern California. Television  

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    Planet Cruz
    is mentally a different planet and may actually follow different physical laws. Planet Cruz is the most diverse concentration of white people in the universe. Santa Cruz is not just potheads and old hippies, it is a commitment to being weird.