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The following Land Use Reports have been presented on KUSP Radio by Gary A. Patton. Mr. Patton is “Of Counsel” to the Santa Cruz law firm of Wittwer & Parkin, LLP,  which specializes in land use and environmental law. The opinions expressed by Mr. Patton are not necessarily those of Wittwer & Parkin, KUSP Radio, nor of any of its sponsors. * See full disclosure statement.
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  News From The AMBAG Clearinghouse
  Air Quality And Growth
  City of Arcadia
  Mobilehome Rent Control Upheld
  Enroll Now
  O and M for the Natural World
  Deference III
  Deference II
  Deference I
  Land Use Academy
  Corral de Tierra And Public Participation
  A Celebration At San Jerardo Tomorrow
  The Consent Agenda
  Wildfire Planning In Monterey County
  General Plan Consistency
  Fort Ord: A Regional Recreation Area
  Coastal Items Next Week
  Wednesday Meetings
  “City” Planning In Monterey Tonight
  Setting The Growth Goal
  Taking the Desal Pledge
  Lines On The Blueprint
  Scoping Out Desal
  The Monterey County Board Has Issues
  San Clemente Dam Workshops Tomorrow
  Scoping Out Desal
  Happy Thanksgiving!
  What Happened on Sunday?
  Special Meeting in Marina
  The Environmental Coordinator Does East Cliff
  Envisioning the Monterey Bay Area
  The Land Use Report Will Continue
  What is the "Public" Interest?
  Tomorrow at the Board (Santa Cruz County)
  The CVA Evaluates The New General Plan
  Marking Your Calendar For The Coast
  The LandWatch Approach To Land Use
  The Santa Cruz County Board Meets Today
  The Monterey County Board Tomorrow
  What's Next for the Monterey County GPU?
  San Benito County Development
  Future of the Land Use Report
  The Mills Act (But a Reminder First)
  Land Use and the Election
  A Solar Farm Coming to San Benito County?
  A Walking Tour/The Story in Pebble Beach
  Measure H in San Luis Obisbo
  What's Up With the RDA?
  Last Call for Comments on the GPU
  Ventana Wilderness Trails Guide
  When Land Use Issues Come Home To Roost
  Cutting Units in Carmel Valley
  All That Jazz - And Redevelopment, Too
  12,535 Acres And A Tax Transfer
  A Ballot Measure to Save Farmland
  Land Use and State Propositions
  Can Land Use Policy Make Us Drive Less?
  Vehicle Miles Traveled and Global Warming
  AB 32 and Proposition 23
  Voter Forum On Water
  Better Look Into The "LCP"
  Will New Interchange Go Commercial?
  Two Boards Meeting
  The End Is Near For The Land Use Report
  Transparency #2
  Final AMBAG Planning Forum
  What the Monterey County Board is Doing
  LandWatch Information Meeting Tonight
  The Watsonville Slough Farm Dedication
  The SCCRTC Agenda Today
  The Gonzalez General Plan
  Monterey County Strategic Iniatives
  The Aptos Village Plan
  Personalities In Politics
  SLAPP Me Silly: The Seminar
  GPU #5 Will Make A Difference
  More On GPU #5
  What’s At Stake in GPU#5?
  Where Our Dollars Go: Proposition 22
  Speaking Of Revenues: Proposition 21
  The Opposite Approach: Proposition 25
  Down With The Majority: Proposition 26
  Ballot Propositions Ahead!
  Paying Attention To The Propositions
  Acronyms, Anyone?
  The Planning Commission: Monterey County
  Harper Canyon At The PC
  More On The Monterey County Fire Plan
  The CWC Suit – Hearing Today
  Fire Safety In Monterey County
  Join AMBAG For An "Imagination" Breakfast
  A Field Trip Tomorrow
  Setting The Target
  Army Review Of The Coastal Water Project
  November Ballot Measures: Stay Tuned
  The GPU (Monterey County Style)
  November Ballot Measures: Stay Tune
  Army Review Of The Coastal Water Project
  Water, Rental Inspection, and New Taxes
  The Soledad City Council Meets This Evening
  The City Today And LAFCO Tomorrow
  Water, Rental Inspection, and New Taxes
  Legal Planet
  Big Plans For Seaside!
  A Solar Farm in San Benito County?
  Board Items In Monterey County
  Marijuana and Alleyways
  Rental Inspection Hearing Tomorrow
  Rental Inspection / General Plan Update #5
  More on Senate Bill 375
  Timeshares In Big Sur
  Local Government And The Coastal Commission
  The Argument Against Highway Widening
  Sustainable Tourism
  SB 375 Reduction Targets: Not That Ambitious?
  Water Policy Behind Closed Doors
  Central Coast Ag Task Force
  Planning For A Better Future
  Get Ready For Next Wednesday
  Coastal Items Being Heard Today
  Want to Save $6,400 Each Year?
  Plan Ahead For July 8th Meeting On Water Quality
  Cypress Knolls
  Vacation Rentals
  AB 1791 And Redevelopment
  Harper Canyon/Highway 68
  LAFCO Policies And LAFCO Law
  Clearinghouse II – A List Of Some Items
  The AMBAG “Clearinghouse Report”
  Regulatory Reform in Santa Cruz County
  Water And UCSC Growth
  Regulating Vacation Rentals
  Fall Creek Walkabout
  Take The AMBAG Survey
  Spheres In Monterey County
  UCSC Expansion On The Agenda
  Water And Growth At The Board
  Mark Your Calendar (The CWC In Court)
  In The Legislature
  Erosion And The General Plan
  The Budget And Land Use (Monterey County)
  The Budget And Land Use (City of Santa Cruz)
  The Watsonville General Plan
  Speaking Of CEQA
  A Negative Declaration
  Airport Land Use And Public Safety
  Healthy Food In Watsonville
  GPU #5 In Monterey County
  The Watsonville General Plan
  “Full Moon Hike” On The Marks Ranch
  The City of Santa Cruz And Water Use Efficiency
  The Monterey County LAFCO
  The City of Santa Cruz Sphere (And Other Matters)
  More On Spheres Of Influence
  Spheres of Influence
  Future Planning in Soquel
  The Mills Act in Monterey County (And More)
  Transportation And Housing: Meetings and A Tour
  Laundry To Landscape
  Three Events
  Public Comment At The City Council
  Lawns Into Meadows
  The Coastal Commission in Santa Cruz
  Protecting State Parks
  The AMBAG Clearinghouse
  Meetings: A Desal Forum And Design Guidelines
  Greenfields In Greenfield?
  Something For The Techies!
  Importing Water? And For What Purpose?
  Stormwater, Commuting, And Water
  The Williamson Act Coalition
  The Santa Cruz City Council Tomorrow
  A Failed Link / GIS
  Twelve Guiding Objectives
  A Conservation Blueprint / Economic Forum
  Capital Improvements
  Earth Day In Marina
  The Watsonville General Plan
  Branch Line Hearing This Evening
  Planning For Climate Change
  Marina Coast (Re)Does Desalination
  Fort Ord Reuse
  Transportation And LandWatch
  An Initiative Attack on CEQA
  General Plan Hearings Coming Soon
  The Regional Water Project In Monterey County
  High Speed Rail Next Week
  Hearings Soon On The Monterey County GPU
  Salmon Recovery And Land Use
  Blueprint Planning
  State site promotes "Green California", but how green?
  The future of the Santa Cruz County North Coast.
  Planning about transportation issues.
  SC Board of Supes - Meeting on water supply future
  Watsonville meeting - Pajaro Valley groundwater crisis.
  Latest Attack on California Environmental Quality Act 
  Help Restore Democracy
  Forum on Desalination and the Alternatives 
  Heads Up on Meetings Taking Place Today 
Note: No regular reports while Gary Patton was on vacation
  Proposed Bicycle Path Over Arana Gulch
  Is Desalination Sustainable for the Central Coast?
  The Search for an Additional Water Sources
  Out of the Drought Yet? No, Not Really.
Mon. Feb. 1
  No Report Today.
  Granite Ridge Water Supply Issues
  Housing Affordability Workshop
  Soquel Creek Water Report
  Monterey Penninsula Water Supply Issues
  Seaside Highlands Development
  Housing Series #2
  Housing Workshops
  Housing Within Reach Series
  Desalination and the Alternatives
  Widening Highway 1
  Gary Patton Is Hitting The Road
  Community Economic Development
  Housing Within Reach
  Today At The Board of Supervisors
  Water Rates: Pajaro Sunny Mesa
  Swords Into Plowshares/Vegetation Management
  Upcoming Items in Santa Cruz Countys
  LAFCO Meets Today On Water
  Upcoming in Monterey County
  LAFCO on Water
* The Wittwer & Parkin law firm is located in Santa Cruz, California, and practices environmental and governmental law. As part of its practice, the law firm files litigation and takes other action on behalf of its clients, which are typically private individuals, governmental agencies, or community groups. Whenever the Land Use Report comments on an issue with which the Wittwer & Parkin law firm is involved on behalf of a client, Mr. Patton will make this relationship clear, as part of his commentary. Mr. Patton’s comments do not represent the views of Wittwer & Parkin, LLP, KUSP Radio, nor of any of its sponsors.