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Land Use
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  Happy New Year! / On Revolution
  North Coast Issues
  Jane Parker Agenda Review
  Cypress Knolls
  AMBAG Clearinghouse Review
  Christmas Is About Gifts
  Get Involved In The EIR Process
  Is a Water Supply Crisis Coming?
  Water, Or No Water, For UCSC Expansion?
  An Important Proceeding Is Underway w/ UCSC
  Municipal Advisory Councils Explained
  The “MAC” Option
  What’s In The Future For Carmel Valley
  Rescuing Victims of Groundwater Overdraft
  Upcoming Changes In Our Zoning Laws
  Sustainable Events!
  Opportunities For Engagement
  Biking and Walking in Marina
  The Monterey County General Plan
  And Future Items At LAFCO
  New Rules For Pleasure Point
  Sustainability, Anyone?
  How About That General Plan?
  Pay A Visit To The Government Code
  It All Starts With State Law
  LAFCO And Water
  And Not A Drop To Drink
  Water, Water (But Not Everywhere)
  Cell Tower Aesthetics
  The Unified Fee Schedule
  The Los Osos Sewer Project
  The New Santa Cruz City Website
  Know Where I Can Buy Some Marijuana?
  Items of Interest in Marina
  Heads Up Advisories
  Tomorrow Evening In Live Oak
  Housing Policy in San Luis Obispo County
  Highway 68 and Toro Park
  H.R. 4040
  Meetings Coming Up
  A Tribute To Mardi Wormhoudt
  Booze and Drugs
  Form-Based Zoning Codes
  Carmel Valley: It's Decision Day Today
  The Williamson Act And Monterey County
  The Future Of The PVWMA
  PCL and CEQA
  CEMEX Tonight
  Monterey City Meetings
  Water Policy -in Santa Cruz Specifically
  When Is It “Too Late” To Object?
  A Planning Commission Hearing Tomorrow
  The Tejon Ranch Agreement
  Carmel Valley Incorporation, II
  Carmel Valley Incorporation
  ALBA You-Pick
  Get Outdoors At Elkhorn Slough
  CEQA And The Stadium
  The City’s Water Supply Assessment
    Text only for 10/5-10/9 (Audio not available)
Fri, Oct. 9
  Economic Development Commission Seat Open
Thurs, Oct. 8
  Wal-Mart And Salinas
Wed, Oct. 7
  The Coastal Commission And Local Issues
Tues,Oct. 6
  Floodplains and Vested Rights
Mon, Oct. 5
  General Plans in SLO County
  Groundwater Emergency In Santa Cruz County
  The VTPI And Smart Growth
  Santa Cruz County Road Widening
  The 2010 Growth Goal in Santa Cruz County
  Water Service Outside City Limits
  The Supreme Court and Dalidio
  An Event Next Thursday in Pacific Grove
  Highway 156: Get Ready For Widening
  Two North Coast Items
  A Salute to Tom Burns and His Staff
  Secrets Of The Sandhills Walk
  The Desal Debate and Land Use
  Santa Cruz Desal: It’s On The Move
  The Desal Debate and Land Use
  AB 666: What Will The Governor Do?
  Marina events upcoming
  Meeting - Economic Vitality in Live Oak and Soquel
  The Santa Cruz County LCP, Revised
  SLO County "free seminar" on planning issues - more.
  SLO County "free seminar" on planning issues -
  Development interests experiencing “withdrawal”
  fighting an effort to bulldoze the Salinas River Channel.
  What does it mean to be the “sponsor” state legislation?
  Public hearing for Carmel Valley incorporation
  Funding crisis at the Pajaro Valley Water Management

What’s an IRWMP

  Local government authority over land
  Mobile home park residents receive some bad news
  SLO Board of Supervisors expected to deny proposal
  Mark Stone appointed to the State Coastal Commission
  Fire and Land Use
  Protecting Mountain Resources
  California Forward?
  Lot Line Adjustment in San Luis Obispo County
  A Park Plan in Live Oak
  More On Economics and Land Use
  Economics and Land Use
  The Coastal Commission Today
  Legislative and Adjudicative Decisions
  The Dalidio Project Lawsuit
  Next Week At The Coastal Commission
  The Transportation Commission Meets Today
  Budget Cuts And The Williamson Act
  De Minimus Amendments To The LCP
  Inclusionary Housing Database
  Inclusionary Housing
  The Housing Element In Marina 
  The Monterey County Planning Commission
  A Monterey County Water Meeting Tomorrow
  SLO Board Tomorrow
  Planning workshop in Marina next Tuesday
  Representing Central Coast on Coastal Commission
  San Luis Obispo County General Plan
  Lot line adjustment in San Ardo
  Planning for improvements on the San Lorenzo River
  About taking a nature walk to Rincon on Saturday
  How are transportation and landuse linked?
  "Hybrid Regional Plan” for water supplies
  Two days public hearing about water Use in Monterey
  Two days public hearing about water Use in Monterey
  Starts on Land, Ends At Sea
  LandWatch Around The County
  Free Legal Tutorial Tomorrow
  Rationing The River: A Cautionary Tale
  Big Boxes in Monterey County
  The Coastal Commission Meets Next Week
  UCSC Gets Its Say
  SB 375: A New Guide To the Act
  Water Futures in Monterey County
  Santa Cruz City Water Plans Are Not Transparent
  Artists On The Land
  The San Luis Obispo County General Plan
  Learn About CEQA Tomorrow Night
  Putting Water To A “Beneficial Use”
  Water and Land Use At The City Council
  The Big Sur Land Trust Moves The Ball
  Local Transportation and Land Use
  Inclusionary Housing at City Commission
  EIRs, Water, And Monterey County
  A Poor Clares Reprise
  Oil Leases on Federal Lands
  The Pajaro River Watershed Council
  GPU-5 Workshop Today
  Settling With The Seaside Company?
  A Big Day Tomorrow
  Next Week In Marina del Rey
  Santa Cruz County Transportation Planning
  “State” Government And Land Use Policy
  San Luis Obispo County Land Use Actions
  PUD Policy in Santa Cruz County
  How to be an effective lobbyist, working from home!
  Regional Land Use Summits will focus on SB 375
  Schwarzenegger - unilateral control - to help the oil companies.
  Meeting in Santa Cruz, aimed at more “sensible transportation.”
  Is MC moving towards 100% cost recovery on planning approvals?
  The Great Transition
  LandWatch Tonight
  The Coastkeeper Conference
  Build A Stronger Soquel and Live Oak
  Talk With The Chancellor On May 19th
  Volunteer At Elkhorn Slough
  Citizen Involvement in Monterey County
  Poor Clares and 'By Right'
  Item #68 Tomorrow: Poor Clares
  GPU5: What’s Happening?
  Tonight’s City of Santa Cruz Planning Meeting
  Today’s Santa Cruz County LAFCO Meeting
  A Meeting Tomorrow At The Prunedale Grange
  County Boards Will Meet Tomorrow
  Protecting and Preserving Agriculture
  The Pesticide Map of Monterey County
  Live Oak and Soquel Planning (Ahead)
  Remember Those Planning Commission Meetings!
  The Santa Cruz City Council Tomorrow
  A Planning Commission Meeting on April 29th
  An Open Space District For Santa Cruz County?
  Two Meetings: The Integrity of Your Vote/Desal
  A Special City Council Meeting
  Get Your Red Hot Agenda Materials Here
  A Greater Vision: Water and Energy
  The University Grapevine: Water!
  PVWMA Meeting on April 13th.
  The Atkinson Lane Specific Plan
  Mobilehome Park Rents in Marina.
  More On AB 499: CEQA Made Better
  The “LegInfo” Website and AB 499
  Do You Have Plans For Tomorrow Night?
  La Bahia At The Civic
  Tomorrow’s Board Meeting in Salinas
  The Specific Plan Process
  Atkinson Lane
  The LWV Comments on Water
  The South Spanish Congregation Subdivision
  The General Plan Report in Santa Cruz County
  What I Plan To Tell The Sierra Club
  The Housing Element
  Modifying The Natural Environment
  Item S-1: Participation Makes A Difference
  Water On The Peninsula
  Field Trips
  Wal-Mart in Salinas
  Innovations In Bicycle Travel
  The Regional Housing Needs Assessment
  Water Planning
  Coastal Commission Appointment Coming Up
  The Coastal Commission Meets Next Week
  A Sunday Afternoon With Jane
  Water and Wal-Mart
  Meetings Tomorrow
  Technology and Citizen Participation
  Lobbying Resources
  Features Of The State Budget Deal
  Water and the Future: City of Santa Cruz
  Meetings Tomorrow
  Thinking About Marina
  Due Diligence and Rail Transportation
  Water and Monterey County
  Saving the North Coast
  The State Budget and the Environment
  Events in February: Mark Your Calendars!
  Zoning Regulations in Pismo Beach
  State Budget Issues And Land Use
  North Monterey County Land Use Items
  CEQA And Global Warming
  Solar San Luis Obispo County
  Dumping The Williamson Act
  Planning Commission Closed Sessions
  The “Yes We Can” Inauguration
  In San Luis Obispo County
  “Take Our Survey”
  How Coastal Appointments Are Made
  More On The Coastal Commission
  More On Coastal Protection
  The Coastal Voting Record
  Coastal Voting Chart
  Economic Stimulus And Transportation
  The State Budget and Conservation
  SLO County Agenda
  New Supervisors on the Coast
  More Hortatory Words on Land Use
  New Year’s Resolutions (Land Use Edition)