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2008 Land Use Report Archives - Audio
Broadcast live, Monday thru Friday 6:33am & 8:49am

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Land Use

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The benefits of partipitory democracy.

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As of January 2006, the archives are in mp3 format.

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  Seven Elements (Land Use Basics)
  Representative Government And Land Use
  Santa Margarita Ranch Reprise
  Cumulative Impacts
  The Subdivision of River Road
  The Code Rangers Return!
  Santa Margarita Ranch
  SB 375: It’s All About VMT!
  It’s Not Over Till It’s Over
  A Tribute To Supervisor Jan Beautz
  Today in Santa Cruz County
  The Williamson Act in Monterey County
  The Coastal Commission Meets Next Week
  Legislation and Litigation
  Tomorrow Night in Santa Cruz
  Financing The Permit Process
  The Carmel Valley Incorporation Vote
  An Upcoming Meeting on Dec 9
  LAFCO and Bonny Doon Fire
  ARB Scoping Plan Hearing Tomorrow
  Global Warming is a Land Use Issue!
  Global Warming and GPU #5
  Dec. 2nd community planning workshop in City of Santa Cruz
  Global warming “Scoping Plan” goes to public hearing soon
  Impacts of Asphalt and concrete recycling plan
  Some “Change We Can Believe In”
  Law of Supply and Demand
  Scheduling The Monterey County GPU
  Gavilan College and Coyote Valley
  The Yanks Air Museum
  Voting Today!!
  Vote Tomorrow!
  AB 32 Implementation
  “Subdivision” And Its Effects
  Felton Faire and Affordable Housing
  “Par 3” – There’s A Big Public Hearing Tonight
  Santa Cruz Highway Projects
  SB 375: The Governor’s View
  SB 375: Cities’ View
  SB 375: The Basic Idea
  High Speed Rail: A Time To Choose
  Tomorrow Night at the Marina City Council
  Rancho Los Robles: A Bellwether Decision?
  Transition Towns: A Route Towards Change
  Measure E in the City of Santa Cruz
  An Important Meeting in Marina
  “Growth Readiness” in San Luis Obispo County
  GIS Day: Plan Ahead
  Heads Up: Elkhorn Slough Training
  DMB in San Benito
  The LandWatch Movement
  The AB 32 Scoping Plan
  Inclusionary Requirements in Santa Cruz
  LAFCO Wraps Up
  The Grower-Shippers’ Greater Vision
  The AEP
  More on LAFCO
  LAFCO and Bonny Doon
  Sand Mines on the Salinas River
  An Unusual Idea in San Luis Obispo County
  Los Gatos Hillsides
  News From The Capitol
  Watsonville Growth
  The “Final Round” For the GPU?
  Litigation Makes A Difference
  Greenfield Goes For It
  That Downtown Santa Cruz Parking Structure
  The Railroad Line Goes Public
  Demonstration Desal In Santa Cruz
  Senate Bill 375 and the Coastal Act
  The Dalidio Project in San Luis Obispo
  The Water Bond Debate
  Sustainable Planning  in Bogota, Columbia
  Los Gatos Hillside Development
  Seismic Shaking in Santa Cruz County
  AG Cluster Projects in San Luis Obispo County
  Protecting Oak Woodlands
  What You Need To Know - IX
  What You Need To Know - VIII
  What You Need To Know - VII
  What We Need To Know - VI
  What We Need To Know - V
  What We Need To Know - IV
  What We Need To Know - III
  What We Need To Know - II
  What We Need To Know - I
  The Future of Pogonip
  Ocean View Plaza
  The Proposed La Bahia Project
  Transportation Thursday
  Greenfield and Butterfly Village
  Low Impact Development
  Marina and Development
  Today At The Monterey County PC
  The Delaware Avenue Development
  Come See Big Sur
  The Economics of Protecting Open Space Values
  SB 97 Guidelines
  San Luis Obispo County Planning Issues
  The Open Space “Tax”
  The Developers Say, “Speed Up The General Plan!”
  Ag Preservation in San Benito County
  Planning Issues in Santa Cruz
  Commenting on the AB 32 Scoping Plan
  Next Week At The Monterey County Board
  Big Roads Planned For San Juan Bautista
  State Legislation on Land Use
  Environmental Law
  The Future of Groundwater in the Pajaro Valley
  Salinas Widewaters
  Santa Margarita Ranch
  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  The Coastal Commission in San Luis Obispo
  LAFCO and Carmel Valley
  AB 32: The Scoping Plan
  Green Building in Monterey
  Monterey County and Fire Danger
  School Districts and Development
  Bikeway on the Westside of Santa Cruz
  Airport Land Use Commissions
  Fire and Danger Development
  June 20, 2008
  June 19, 2008
  June 18, 2008
  June 17, 2008
  June 16, 2008
  A “Neighborhood Improvement” Program
  Inclusionary Housing at the Planning Commission
  Crop Report at the Monterey County Board
  Election Day Today
  The FLOW Valuation Trial
  Big Sur Hikes and Outings
  AB 1709: Energy System Financing
  An Environmental Health Forum
  Medical Clinic Decision in Watsonville
  Growth Issues Dominate Elections
  Outdoors Experiences With the Land Trust
  Ag Sustainability on the Central Coast
  Architectural Review
  Certificates of Compliance – A Follow Up
  The Water Efficiency and Security Act
  The Land Use - Transportation Connection
  La Bahia at the City Planning Commission
  Measure S: On The Ballot in Ben Lomond
  Eminent Domain: Propositions 99 and 98
  Eminent Domain: The Kelo Decision
  Eminent Domain: The Basics
  The City General Plan: Parks and Recreation
  Pajaro Valley Water Woes
  Transportation Impact Fees
  Land Use and Fire Protection
  City of Marina Jobs - City Planning & Economic Dev. Commission
  The March Ranch Preservation Action
  New Developments Paying their Own Way
  Certificates of Compliance
  Affordable Housing News
  Salinas Redevelopment
  Affordable Housing in Monterey County
  The Rancho San Juan Settlement
  The City of Santa Cruz General Plan
  Green Retrofit in San Luis Obispo County
  More on Propositions 98 and 99
  Propositions 98 and 99
  The PVWMA and Our Groundwater Crisis
  The Water Report
  A Local Hearing on State Park Closures
  Federal and State Electeds All In One Place
  The City of Santa Cruz General Plan 2030
  Tomorrow at the SLO Planning Commission
  Wireless in San Luis Obispo County
  Certificates of Compliance
  How To Research The Latest Shape of SB 375
  Coyote Valley Revisited
  A Clint Eastwood Farewell
  Transportation Forum
  Last Tuesday’s Subdivision in Monterey County
  A “Stamp Out Sprawl” initiative in Stanislaus County
  Environmental review for Pinnacles National Monument
  Why LAFCO is Important
  TAMC and the Monterey County developers?
  The San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River
  SB 1295 would open the coastal zone to abuses
  Advisory Committee votes to reduce affordable housing options
  A state park in San Luis Obispo County goes solar
  Significant changes to the County Code
  List of land issues addressed by SC Board of Supervisors
  North County Water Meeting
  Proposition 98 and Proposition 99
  Land Use Issues
  Creative Water Solutions For The Peninsula
  A "Rave" Review and More Affordable Housing
  The City of Monterey and the County General Plan
  Local Government and Global Warming
  Big Plans For Downtown Salinas
  Wastewater in Los Osos
  Santa Cruz County Green Building
  Tree Sitters
  Marina Station / Participation Opportunity
  Water Supply Reliability Collaboration
  The Attorney General on Global Warming
  Landfill Regulations in Monterey County
  Prunedale Toxic Dumping
  Weekend Outings
  Sphere of Influence Designations
  Define “Historic”
  Heads Up in Marina
  2nd Annual Chanterelle Cook-Off in Big Sur
  Transportation sales tax election in Santa Cruz County?
  Lawsuits and Democracy
  CEQA workshop in San Luis Obispo
  Rejected the Dalidio Ranch proposal in San Luis Obispo County
  Tools to combat global warming
  Questions about paying for their traffic impacts
  San Luis Obispo County may change its Growth Management Policy
  A nationwide teach-in on global warming
  A hearing tomorrow about money for affordable housing
  Affordable Housing vs. Open Space
  Transportation Taxes in Santa Cruz County
  A Development Impact Fee For Monterey?
  San Luis Obispo County Land Use Policy
  GPU 5: What’s Next?
  Green Building in the City of Monterey
  Heads Up on Ocean View Plaza
  Mark Your Calendar for TAMC Meetings
  Induced Travel
  New in San Benito County
  Speaking of Discipline … SB 375
  Land Use and Discipline
  The Santa Cruz County LAFCO Meets Today
  Plumbing Fixtures in SLO County
  The Monterey County Planning Commission
  We "live in a political world"
  Regulation is Freedom
  Using land use policy to change the world
  Contract Renewal Time