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Land Use Report Archives - Audio
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Land Use

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The benefits of partipitory democracy.

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  Philosophical speculation
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  Global Warming and CEQA
  CEQA and the Citizenry
  Tomorrow At The SCCRTC
  Monterey County Board Agenda
  Congratulations To A Couple of Supervisors
  Coastal Projects Heard in San Francisco
  If You Care, Be There!
  Will It Happen Again in Monterey County?
  Greenfields To Asphalt
  A Communication From Lee Quarnstrom
  A CRLA Community Water Training
  LAFCOs Talk About Fire Protection
  Santa Cruz County Planning Items
  Young and Rich
  An Important Meeting Next Week
  The Ocean Street Area Plan
  Army Growth and Force Structure
  Meetings Coming Up
  The Wireless Radiation Alert Network

Words of Thanksgiving

  San Luis Obispo County Planning Policies
  Closed Session in Monterey County
  Water Bond Issues
  Creeks and Watershed Conference
  Condo Conversion in Monterey
  The Transportation Funding Task Force
  The Endangered Species Act
  Jerry Brown and CEQA and Global Warming
  Eminent Domain on the Ballot
  UCSC Growth
  Today in San Luis Obispo County
  The Monterey County GPU: Again
  "Step It Up" With People Power
  Statewide Water Policy
  Scary Items
  Mobile Home Rents in Marina
  Transportation Funding in Santa Cruz County
  GIS: Technology to the Rescue
  Agriculture and the Environment at Asilomar
  The CWA Meets in Monterey
  Redevelopment Review for Live Oak
  The CTC Will Be Meeting Wednesday
  Army Bases and Embedded Energy
  Housing Strategies In Marina
  Bills and Laws
  Monterey County GPU5
  Water Overdraft in the Pajaro Basin
  Closed Meetings are Not a “Mandate”
  Secret Meetings on Rancho San Juan
  More on Closed Litigation Sessions
  Litigation in Monterey County
  Monterey County “In-Lieu” Fees
  Marina Downtown Development
  Pesticides and Local Control
  Architectural Review in Monterey
  AB 1542: Mobilehome Fairness
  Land Use Items Face Monterey City Council
  The Quakers take on global warming
  Global warming and transportation systems
  Local solutions to our global warming crisis
  The Land Use Report continues its discussion of global warming.
  The Land Use Report focuses on global warming.
  Will condors become extinct. Bill on Governorís desk is key.
  Find out about inclusionary housing.
  Wind power in Soledad and eminent domain issues in Felton.
  Find out about inclusionary housing.
  Will condors become extinct. A bill on the Governorís desk is key.
  Find out about “mountaintop removal mining”
  Today at the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission
  Controversial meeting - Marina Coast Water District Board
  Today's Monterey City Planning Commission items
  Video presentation on the Pajaro River
  Take A Hike! Here’s Where To Do It
  Invasive Species Mapping
  Wild Rivers
  Regional Housing Needs Allocations (RHNA)
  Land Use Bills in Sacramento
  Coastweeks Is Coming Up
  Green Building Around The Bay
  San Luis Obispo County Planning Items
  Tonight In Arroyo Grande
  Setting The Growth Goal in Santa Cruz County
  Back At The State Level – Senate Bill 375
  A Pot Pourri of Land Use Actions
  An Evening With Sam Farr
  Hazard Mitigation
  The Budget Attack on CEQA
  Housing Land Trust Workshop on Monday
  The Transportation Commission Meets
  Desalination On The Central Coast
  Historic Preservation in Santa Cruz County
  Short Course on the “Police Power”
  The State Legislature Takes A Recess (SB 375)
  Keeping An Eye on San Benito County
  Protecting Farmland North of King City
  Marks Ranch and Toro Park
  The Federal Farm Bill
  The Global Warming Action Program Coordinator
  The Transportation Commission Meeting
  LAFCO and Farmlands
  More Items On The Board Agenda
  Highway 68 And The Board of Supervisors
  Senate Bill 375
  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  Smart Growth Projects in Santa Cruz
  Global Warming and Public Health
  The State Budget and CEQA
  The Big Money For Developers
  Coyote Valley
  Global Warming at the City and the State Level
  Carmel River Public Hearing
  A Water Management District Meeting Today
  Fort Ord Development
  San Luis Obispo County Planning Policies
  Transportation, Land Use and Self-Government
  Transportation Projects Around The Bay
  Big Choice Tomorrow For Monterey County Board
  Sustainable Land Stewardship
  Safeway Almar Center in Santa Cruz
  Independence Day / Commuting Over The Hill
  Climate Action at the Local Level
  Business, CEQA, and Global Warming
  SB 303 and SB 375, Two Ways to Get to the City
  Tuesday in Arroyo Grande
  AMBAG Community Planning Forum
  A Toll Road Through A State Park?
  The Energy Commission and Land Use
  The California Native Plant Society picnic tomorrow
  The development industry is opposing SB 375.
  Senate Bill 375 could transform California land use patterns.
  Learn about “VMT”
  Development pressures on the Marks Ranch
  The Resident Wilds: a photographic exhibit featuring Neary Lagoon.
  Contact the Governor and help Big Basin State Park grow.
  More on the Monterey County ballot measure election.
  Who "won" the ballot measure elections in Monterey County?
  Coastal Commission considers cutting down 18,000 Monterey Pines.
  Hikes and picnics are coming up.
  The City of Santa Cruz Planning Commission meets tonight.
  Hollister and Santa Cruz and the local General Plan.
  Historical recap on the Monterey County General Plan process..
  A quick guide to the Monterey County election.
  Changing the municipal code in Marina.
  The Heartland Festival & River Fair celebrates healthy living.
  Happenings in Carmel Valley.
  Santa Cruz is updating its own General Plan.
  The Monterey County GOP opposes Measure A.
  The benefits of partipitory democracy.
  Ocean protection groups endorse Measure A.
  Visit Fort Ord's vernal pools with biologist Bruce Delgado.
  Frequently asked questions about the 2006 General Plan.
  The Local Government Commission, childhood obesity.
  Marks Ranch acquisition is a victory for citizen engagement.
  Assoc. of Environmental Professionals hosts General Plan forum.
  Ever wonder about VMT? That's "Vehicle Miles Traveled."
  SB 46 would spend $850,000,000 for "infill housing."
  Possible environmental impacts of the ballot measures.
  What does the Bible say about land use policy?.
  A list of good outdoor activities.
  Time to get involved in Coyote Valley planning.
  The theme is "infill."
  Who ever heard of 'Keyline Design?'
  Giving feedback on community goals to Vision San Benito.
  The Monterey City Planning Commission will discuss mini-mansions.
  A local ag leader says the time for conservation easements is NOW.
  Follow the Monterey County land use policy debate.
  Greenfields and brownfields are at stake in Monterey County.
  Castroville Community Plan: Is double growth double the fun?
  Take a hike with Friends of the River - you won't be disappointed.
  Some important deadlines for Monterey County voters.
  The Board of Supervisors talks about timber-production zoning.
  Get a heads up on state legislation affecting land use planning.
  Who ever heard of "Keyline Design?"
  There's a list of good outdoor activities on today's Land Use Report.
  Time to get involved in Coyote Valley planning.
  Important state legislation relating to in-fill.
  What does the Bible say about land use policy?
  A discussion about the ALBA program for farmworkers.
  A new development proposal in the City of Marina.
  A list of upcoming events to keep you briefed on land use policy.
  Upcoming items before the Coastal Commission, meeting in Santa Barbara.
  A talk tomorrow focuses on agroecology and the formation and history of the Chadwick Garden at UCSC.
  More Monterey County legal issues.
  Consequences of a referendum measure.
  Officials discuss infrastructure bonds.
  Proposed development standards in SLO.
  Special meeting of the Board of Supervisors.
  It's time to "make up our minds."
  A dramatic map for future growth.
  A proposed transportation sales tax.
  Santa Cruz County's 2006 General Plan .
  Neighborhood compatibility issues.
  Learn About the Farm Bureau’s Views.
  The PCL Symposium.
  A Tale of Two Neighborhoods.
  Latest Decision of the Monterey County Board.
  Big Coastal Project Tomorrow.
  The Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur just got bigger.
  Planning Commission considers a Seabright Avenue project.
  The Coastal Commission is meeting in Monterey today.
  Think you’d like to have “fun with watersheds?”
  Find lots of opportunities to get involved and get informed.
  Will the Fort Ord Reuse Authority stand up for workers?
  A big development is proposed in San Benito County.
  Help Salinas to redevelop its “Chinatown” area.
  SC Board of Supervisors is looking out for mobilehome residents.
  There’s a big ballot mess in Monterey County.
  A UCSC Campus Earth Summit is being held today.
  Highway One widening is controversial. Get a fix on the two sides.
  Help plan the Pinnacles! Find out how on the Land Use Report.
  More affordable housing is probably coming to the Aptos Area.
  Threats to mobile home park rent control.
  See “An Inconvenient Truth” to find out how to be an activist.
  A fun and serious event are highlighted in the Land Use Report.
  Discuss condominium conversions in Hollister.
  Court cases challenging the right of Monterey County voters.
  Find out what “GIS” means on Land Use Report.
  Find out how to get involved to stop increasing ORV abuse
  A big debate about land use policy is underway in Monterey County.
  Now you can watch the Coastal Commission live, via the Internet.
  Santa Cruz City Council will consider its General Plan Update goals.
  An important meeting on the future of Elkhorn Slough tonight.
  The "Greenprint" to increase trees in Urban Settings.
  A Fish and Game Commission hearing will be held in Monterey.
  Castroville Community Plan with big impacts on Highway 156.
  Rural land development proposals in San Luis Obispo County.
  Discussion of a new development in San Luis Obispo County.
  Pro-property right group that is active in Monterey County.
  Problems with the University of California’s planning process.
  “Thrillcraft.” Motorized vehicles are destroying our wilderness.
  Historic preservation and street design guidelines are set.
  Historic preservation hearing for the Board of Supervisors.
  The Fort Ord Reuse Authority of the Monterey Peninsula.
  Farmland preservation and a job opportunity announcement.
  The Monterey City Architectural Review CommitteeT.
  High drama in land use policy in Monterey County..
  Vineyard and requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act.
  Campaign to save the Pleasure Point "Roadhouse."
  Widen Highway 1? Transportation Comission may vote.
  How to get a satellite view of any proposed development.
  Radical change to town of Spreckels tomorow!
  Public demonstration tomorow to support voter's rights.
  More key planning issues differ throughout the Central Coast.
  Key planning issues differ throughout the Central Coast.
  Monterey County General Plan debate.
  A practical way to create “new realities.”
  “New Year’s” philosophy.
  Saga of the Monterey County General Plan Update process.
  Adoption of the Monterey County General Plan Update.
  How to “leverage the green economy.”
  Planning session on Coyote Valley Jan. 11, 2007.
  A Christmas message from Gary Patton.
  An environmental film festival.
  Eastside residents are active once again.
  Grassroots group meeting with Acting Chancellor of UCSC..
  The agenda today for San Luis Obispo & Monterey Counties.
  The Highway 68 Coalition, in Monterey County.
  Better land use decisions can reduce global warming.
  One way to fight global warming.
  Issues with a proposed Prunedale subdivision.
  Tribute to Santa Cruz County Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt.
  A shopping trip to support for coastal protection.
  Highlights an upcoming conference on rail transportation.
  City of Santa Cruz General Plan meeting.
  See salmon spawning.
  Last chance to comment on the Monterey County General Plan.
  ALBA and farmworkers.
  Rancho San Juan referendum case argued in SJ Fed. Court.
  Rolethe Transportation Commissions play in land use polic.
  “Fury on the Range” – San Benito County land use debates.
  The California right to enact measures by initiative.
  Find out about the Ventura County systems.
  The “gospel” on civic engagement.
  A Thanksgiving pledge to help coastal environment?
  Is rail service always an environmental “plus?”
  Monterey County & Santa Cruz County Board agendas.
  A perspective on the General Plan and the power of the people.
  Passage of the infrastructure bond package - major impact.
  Local ballot measures affecting land use.
  Allegations about Monterey County Supervisors and voting rights .
  The September Ranch project, in Carmel Valley, coming to a vote.
  Transportation Agency for Monterey County - developers pay way.
  “Geographical Information Systems,” to be held in Castroville.
  Monterey County Developer's gift?
  Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors on December 5th
  Vote today!
  "Blue backyard".
  Majority rule & the initiative process.
  The “right road” to a better transportation future.
  Possibility of a $2.8 billion dollar investment in affordable housing.
  Vote on Proposition 90 is your most important vote.
  Gary Patton’s list of key votes on measures affecting land use.
  Soledad strikes out in an effort to buy a state sewer plant.
  Developer has big plans for the San Miguel area in SLO County.
  “Good news” about new urbanism in the City of Salinas.
  The latest on Rancho San Juan in Monterey County.
  Housing & swimming pool enclosures on the SC Supes agenda.
  Land Trust of SC County has preserved agricultural acres.
  Upcoming hearings on proposed desalination in Moss Landing.
  Will Carmel Valley be allowed vote to create a new city?
  Weakening an affordable housing program in Monterey County?
  Key planning policy initiatives this November.
  Permit process reform.
  Protecting property rights.
  Reducing traffic congestion one project at a time.
  Make policy decisions upfront.
  This week: Outlines of key concepts in the General Plan.
  Land Use measures on the November 7th ballot.
  Developers can qualify initiatives, too.
  Desal Response Group is applying a critical perspective.
  MC Board of Supervisors has lots of land use items.
  At the site of governmental decision making.
  The ballot provides lots of opportunities to borrow money.
  CLUE holds a kickoff party for Measures I and J.
  Monterey County proposing $207,000 - public relations consultants.
  Monterey County is paying Santa Clara County for advice.
  The Santa Cruz County Housing Element discussed.
  Top three environmental goals from an Ecology-Action.
  An outing on the Marks Ranch led by the Big Sur Land Trust.
  Learn more about transportation funding.
  Monterey Supervisors opposed public access to public documents.
  The UC Regents are meeting this week.
  Coastal Cleanup Day is tomorrow, Saturday the 16th!
  City of Santa Cruz will hold a community design workshop
  Saturday seminars on global warming.
  SC Supervisors may regulate the parking of RVs in rural areas.
  MC Supervisors poised to reduce affordable housing opportunities.
  Santa Clara County Open Space Initiative.
  The latest Salinas-Monterey County agreement.
  No local preemption of “Genetically Modified Crops.”
  Monterey County General Plan hearings.
  Rights to amend the Santa Clara County General Plan.
  U.S. Supreme Court on the essence of land use policy.
  Desalination proposals on the Central Coast.
  LAFCO considers public water to the Felton area.
  “Two-stage” appeals process of S.C. Planning Commission
  The “size attribute.”
  U.S. Supreme Court on the essence of land use policy.
  Desalination proposals on the Central Coast.
  LAFCO will consider public water to the Felton area.
  "Two-stage” appeals process of SC Planning Commission.
  The Land Use Report explores the “size attribute.
  PRT, “Personal Rapid Transit.
  Aerial photography to achieve community and business goals..
  Get involved in Santa Clara County land use planning decisions.
  Jesus talks about investment strategy.
  Monterey County General Plan workshop.
  Let the voters decide key land use questions in Monterey County.
  Splitting the Ninth Circuit Court poses dangers.
  Santa Cruz County land use activists have a “scrappy” reputation.
  San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors’ Agenda.
  The Land Use Report discusses code enforcement.
  How could the state do better in protecting our farmland?
  Measure J, “radical” approach to farmland protection.
  SC Land Trust protecting farmland through conservation easements.
  The state’s mechanism to protect farmland is the Williamson Act.
  Dept. of Conservation is “mapping” our farmland protection efforts.
  Filing for the November election opens on Monday.
  Benefit at Swanton Berry Farms on Sunday, July 16th.
  Coastal erosion workshop in Monterey on Friday.
  Monterey Land Use & Planning Comm meet Wed.
  Plans for Brommer-Broadway bike path discussed.

“Protect Our Homes” initiative, now scheduled for the 11/06 ballot.

  Some “forgotten language” in our Declaration of Independence.
  “Good news” coming from Napa County on June 6th.

Use democratic selfgovernment to protect our natural resources.

  Mont. County Planning Commission: NO new EIR before decision.
  Book Review: Ebenezer Howard and the greenbelt movement.
  Arguments in the Padilla case at the Ninth Circuit.
  Monterey County Planning Commission is getting ready to review version FOUR of the General Plan Update.
  State legislation would exempt telephone companies from any local environmental or other regulation for cable television facilities.
  State legislation is attempting to cut off local control of genetically modified crops.
  More good news on the protection of the Lompico Headwaters.
  New generation of environmental leaders trained at De Anza College
  Why incentives for smart growth are not enough.
  Open space initiative - Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
  Local moratorium on genetically-engineered crops?
  Economic development forum Thursday, June 22nd.
  Celebration at Elkhorn Slough on Sunday, June 25th.
  Protecting the Headwaters of Lompico Creek.
  City ballot measure - give city voters some say over UCSC growth.
  Highlights transportation tax measures, statewide.
  Removing the San Clemente Dam could be a great benefit.
  Preservation for agricultural lands in the Pajaro Valley.
  Transportation and money in Santa Cruz & Monterey counties.
  Supervisorial election in North Monterey County - growth policy.
  Turning agricultural land into a shopping center by inititive.
  Seeing the state in “vertical slices.”
  A project that could restore the Carmel River Watershed.

Fourth version of the Monterey County General Plan review.

Tuesday May 30
  No Report is available for today.
  Planning Commission in Marina. Pismo Beach studies its downtown!
  Two opportunities to “get outdoors”
  More about the proposed state bond measures, on the Nov. ballot.
  Forty-two billion in proposed borrowing before the voters on Nov. 7th.
  Seeing the state in “vertical slices.”
  Marine Life Protection Act may have impacts on land use policy.