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Art Studio  
Tuesdays, 4:45 pm

Watch Kirby and Mark Halfmoon's Journey here: Inspired by California link

With Kirby Scudder

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  Listen to these past shows:  
Palo Alto Film Festival. Hear Full Interview here.
Transfigurations: Photographer Jana Marcus on gender identity.
Interview w/ Phillip Glass about the "Days & Nights Festival"
Ruffo - the Documentary, with filmaker Rocky Romano
Large Scale Steel Sculpture
Photographer Mark Farrar
Andrew Purchin's Artists Everywhere Project
Museum 2.0 - w/ MAH's new Director, Nina Simon.
Christine Curry and Heather Young of Art du Jour
Photographer Poppy di Garmo
Art Hang with Dee Hooker
TEDx Conference in Santa Cruz
True Fiction - with hosts Wallace Baine and Richard Stockton
Michelle Benson on her film called "The Catalyst".
Kirby Scudder, About His Own Documentary Film - Interviewed by J.D. Hillard
The Film "Prarie Love" w/ Director Dusty Bias
Kirby Scudder Looks Forward and Backward - Interviewed by J.D. Hillard
Marty Collins on the Digital Media Factory
Candy / Bondage Art
Sky Saxon Tribute - Music Project Discussed with Art Pitts
A Second Visit with Edward Martinez - Junk Art Scramble
First Friday Santa Cruz has a New iphone app. Interview with Ch!p.
Renato Annicchiarico - Drummer and World Music Artist
Marvin Plummer - Kuumbwa Jazz Tribute Mural Painter
Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios
Santa Cruz Film Festival Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
Art Awards and Collaborative Set Design
Tannery Arts Project Swings into Phase 2 - A 25,000 sq. ft. Studio Space
Part 2- Ed Martinez and The Junk Art Scramble / Steam Punk

Part 1- Ed Martinez and The Junk Art Scramble / Steam Punk

Susan Hillhouse about Toy Trains, Calif. Clay and Glass and new photographs at MAH.
Bob von Elgg and his mural project - Abundance for All - Raining Acorns.
Dee Hooker and Sara Friedlander - Santa Cruz Artist Assistance Relief Program
Curator and Artist Shelby Graham
Artist Mott Jordan
Photographer Lucas Hamovitz
Tattoo Body Artist Camille Krilanovich
Photojournalist Jeremiah Ridgeway - Artists in Times of War
Artist Rob Larson
George Newell - Tannery Arts Center -Phases 2 & 3
Murio Sterling in Philo, CA - "Inspired by California" Project.
Jim Milestone of Whiskeytown, CA - "Inspired by California" Project.
Alan Perlmutter & Nancy Sanders / River Inn of Big Sur -"Inspired by California".
Dave Turner, Vice-Mayor of Ft. Bragg, CA - "Inspired by California" Project.
Cammie King Conlon, Menicino, CA - "Inspired by California" Project.
Jon Klusmire, Independence, CA - "Inspired by California" Project.
Mel Haber from Palm Springs - "Inspired by California" Project.
Ingrid Croce from San Diego - "Inspired by California" Project.
Casting Director Billy DaMota interviewed - "Inspired by California" Project.
Carmel Gallery Owner Chris Winfield interviewed - "Inspired by California" Project.
SC Mayor Mike Rotkin Interviewed in "Inspired by California" Project.
The project "Inspired By California" with Kirby Scudder and Mark Halfmoon
"Using the Chicken to Measure It" with the show Organizer Gazelle Rider
RENT by "Kids on Broadway" & interview with Exec. Director Mary Lundberg
The 16-Hour Play Project
Interview w/ Mark Halfmoon from Community Television of Santa Cruz
Tom Burns -Part 2 - The Carmel Film and Art Festival
Tom Burns and Artwork Magazine
Interview with singer / songwriter Jesse Autumn
R. Blitzer Gallery in the Wrigley Building
The Art of Sound Exhibit, Art Exhibit
'As the Crow Flies' - Art of Scott Rasmann
Iman Lizaraz - Winner of a 2010 Gail Rich Award
Interview with Tom Medeiros, now showing at the AL Walters Gallery
Fun-a-Day, Project About Making Art Every Day of Month, comes to Santa Cruz
Interview with Peter Megettigan, one of the 2010 Gail Rich Award winners
Interview with Davenport Gallery founder Roger Knapp - Part Two
The new Davenport Gallery with founder Roger Knapp
Working with found objects - a roundtable discussion
Object Found, an Exhibition organized by Stephen Lynch
Matthew Werner and the Santa Cruz Woodworkers Collaboration
First Friday Santa Cruz goin Strong at 70 "Episodes".
2nd Annual Human Rights Fair at Louden Nelson
Assemblage Artists Will Marino and Jerry Ross Barrish
Sarah Bianco and the art of Faux Painting
Self-Portraits by 100 Students of teacher Kathleen Crocetti.
Santa Cruz County Bank - Land Meets the Sea - see exhibitor page
VAPA Center at Cabrillo College w/ scuplture & teacher Shawn Monahan
Open Studios  
Actor's Theater - A Clean House  
Marissa Comstock makes art based on haz-mat sites  
Nomadic quick-sketch artist Gypsy Berks  
Tribute to late Santa Cruz artist Jeff Morton  
West African musician Malima Kone  
Painter Michelle Stitz taps into the collective unconscious  
Scott Rasmann on his latest dark eyed angel influenced work  
Big Daddy Bootstraps and Tom Waits' hat  
Fine art jeweler Thomas Mantle talks about the history of Studio 109  
Process drawing with Ireneusz Ciesiolkiewicz  
Beth Purcell works with the ancient art of mosaic  
Grand opening of the Tannery  
Michele Benson documents rock history at the Catalyst  
Maureen Halligan's aerial landscapes  
Ray Sumser explores spiritual structures within pop culture  
Geoffrey Nelson photographs Burning Man  
A brief tribute to late artist Edna Vollmer  
Fine art jeweler Gazelle Rider  
Multimedia artist Daryl Ferucci reflects on the genre  
"Incorruptible" at the Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre  
"Anatomy of a Cloud" with dancers Dan Davis and Sarah Day  
Sculptor and painter Margaret Niven explores biomorphism  
Double vision with painters Bruce Lee and Andrew Purchin  
Local artist Dave Frost paints birds  
Fred Mindlin of Pajaro Valley Arts Council  
Living and working at the Tannery Arts Center  
Rocks, photographs and the atom bomb with Shelby Graham  
Making art from garbage with Steve Lynch  
ACC construction artist Dag Weiser  
ACC Curator Susan Hillhouse  
SculpTOUR: public art in downtown Santa Cruz  
Kirby talks to Ch!p about SoWat  
A new use for old-fashioned technology with photographer Jim Collum  
Photojournalism at the Santa Cruz Sentinel  
Latin American folk art at Santa Cruz's Malintzi gallery  
Bargain Art: The $99 Show  
Art Studio Episode 100. A look back at 2 1/2 years of art news.  
Local Music and Art in Santa Cruz  
Jeremiah Ridgeway - Iraq Photographer  
David Mamet's play Romance at the Actors' Theatre  
The Art of Healing and the Survivors' Healing Center  
Author John Vallani - California Art Towns  
Artisans -- Selling Santa Cruz local art. see Web site  
Shout Out celebrates the end of the Bush years.  
Art Travel Author John Villani discusses the Central Coast's importance. His latest book is Art Towns: California  
Nick Anderson - Glass artist see his work  
Dan Dawson Interview, Part 2  
Photographer Dan Dawson  
Linda Kimball, co-founder of the Cayuga Vault  
2008 Irwin Scholar Levi Goldman  
Marianne Carson, "All Santana"  
China: Twenty Years of Change  
The Hyde Gallery, Pt. 2  
The Hyde Gallery, Pt. 1  
Artist Elijah Pfotenhauer  
Art Gallery Owner Jenny Brill  
Discourse Off The Walls  
Cabrillo Photography  
Art in the Park  
Jane Sullivan Interview, Part 2  
Santa Cruz Film Festival director Jane Sullivan  
Art for Art Exhibition  
Mixed Media Artist Sara Friedlander  
Santa Cruz Clay  
Artist Edna Vollmer  
Sean McMills from the 17th Avenue Studios  
Maggie Ivie, Dir. of the SC Conference and Visitor Center  
Timothy Jordan, Mountain Community Theater  
VSA Award Winner David Castro  
Aimee Nelson, President of the Santa Cruz Watercolor Society  
Warren Reed from the John Stewart Company  
Jeweler and River Arts Organizer Lynn Gunther  
Gallery Owner Susan O'Leary  
Crystal Birns from the Santa Cruz Public Art Committee  
Israeli Artist Joseph Tanney  
Surfboard artist Vince Broglio  
Photographer Jared Chandler  
Surfboard artist Kevin Walsh  
Rob Shetterly Interview, Part 2  
Rob Shetterly, Painter of Americans Who Tell the Truth  
Virginia Ray, Healing Artist  
Woodcut printmaker Laura Beach  
Wallace Baine Interview, Part 2  
Wallace Baine of the Santa Cruz Sentinel  
Interview with Irina Parfenova of 17th Avenue Studios  
Assemblage artist Lucien Kubo  
Abstract artist Beth Shields  
Local painter Gary Lundblad  
The Tannery Arts Project  
Interview with figure drawing model  
Collective Theatre Productions  
Clock Tower Arts Magazine  
Spotlight on local dance - Part 3  
Spotlight on local dance - Part 2  
A round table discussion on local dance - Part 1  
Plein air painter Sean McMills  
Dr. Robert Newport Interview, Part Two  
Dr. Robert Newport discusses his upcoming exhibit, "Santa Cruz Snapshots 1-9."  
Interview with Fanne Fernow of 17th Avenue Studios  
Part two of "Jumbled Stillness," interview with Monica.  
"Jumbled Stillness," an art exhibit by people with brain injuries, is on display at The Attic.  
Curator Ed Penniman discusses a new exhibit, "Revisiting the Romance of the California Landscape."  
Mary Anne Carson discusses her new show, "Down by the Sea."  
Bryant Austin photographs whales and makes full-size prints.  
Interview with artist Richard Shaffer continues.  
Interview with artist Richard Shaffer.  
Santa Cruz Art League officials continue their discussion.  
Santa Cruz Art League officials discuss the organization's 87th birthday.  
Artist Penny Brozda discusses her pet portraits.  
Interview with local printmaker Pauline Wood.  
Interview with harpist and teacher Jesse Autumn.  
State of the Arts.  
Interview with the owners of the newly opened Firefly Cafe.  
Interview with painter, baker & SC Mayor Emily Riley - part 2.  
Local artist, painter, and former major of Santa Cruz, Emily Reily - part 1.  
Apparel artist with SCCS Clothing, Adrian Rasmussen.  
An interview with actor and writer Christa Martin who writes about the arts for GoodTimes weekly magazine.  
An interview with photographer and green sculptor Phillip Merkin who uses hybrid adobe to make sculpture and adobe houses around the world.  
An interview with Geoff Morten an accomplished Painter and Artist. (part 2)  
An interview with Geoff Morton an accomplished Painter and Artist.  
An interview with Richard Stockton, a comedian, artist and soon to be video blog director. I spoke with Richard about his work and this new upcoming venture.  
An interview with Kaia Cornell about the upcoming Monterey Bay MetalSmith show at Cabrillo College.  
An interview with local painter and geometric abstractionist Ralph Joachim.  
An interview with people on the streets of Santa Cruz about their feelings on what role elected officials can play in the development of the arts.  
An interview with local aerial photographer Linda Reeder.  
An interview with local composer Joe Henke.  
An interview with the extremely talented ceramicist Jenny Morten.  
An interview with Robbie Shoen, Director and the force behind the Felix Kulpa Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz.  
An interview with artists Sheila and Eike about their political installation Outrage Outreach.  
An interview with local installation artist Jason Guy.  
An interview with assemblage artist Patch Wright.  
An interview with local painter Mazzeo about his work, his relationship with Neil Young and his new project the Greendale book. (Part 2)  
An interview with local painter Mazzeo about his work, his relationship with Neil Young and his new project the Greendale book. (Part 1)  
An interview with Marvin a brilliant draftsperson whose main subject matter is dog portraits.  
An interview with curator Jennifer Pond and Director Joseph Henke about Santa Cruz’ newest Gallery.  
An interview with local composer and musician Brian Rucker.  
Open Studios (Part 2)  
Open Studios (Part 1)  
Hilde Bernstein