KUSP Public Service Announcements (PSA's)

KUSP airs Public Service Announcements for government agencies, non-profit groups and arts events in our listening area. PSAs should be written as you would like it announced over the air; no longer than 30 seconds. Include important information, such as Who, What, Where (be sure to include the physical address) and When, plus a telephone contact number and web address for more information. Ticket prices will not be announced on the air. Please submit PSAs for events with at least 6 weeks leads time. Final edits will be made by KUSP staff.

We prefer that PSAs be emailed to psa [at] kusp [dot] org, with the text of the PSA in the body of the email. PSAs may also be mailed to the PSA Director at 203 8th Ave., Santa Cruz, 95062 or dropped off in person at 203 8th Avenue. Due to the number of PSAs received, there is no guarantee that a PSA will be read. Contact: PSA Director, psa [at] kusp [dot] org.

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