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Well Ya Needn't
Fridays 2am - 5am
Host: Peter Koht
Playlist for January 2, 2004

Abdullah Ibrahim Africa Tears and Laughter Enja/Tiptoe

Abdullah Ibrahim Trio Cape Town Revisited  Enja/Tiptoe
  Cape Town To COngo Square Part 1
  Cape Town To COngo Square Part 2
  Cape Town To COngo Square Part 3
  Barakaat (The Blessing)

Charlie Hunter  Duo    Blue Note
   Mean Streak

Charlie Hunter  Bing Bing Bing   Blue NOTe
   Lazy Susan (With A Client Now)

Charlie Hunter  Charlie HUnter   PRawn Song
   Funky Niblets
   Fables OF Fabus

Charlie HUnter  Charlie HUnter   Blue Note
   Cloud Splitter

Chango Dominguez Iman    Blue NOTe
   Bye Ya
   El Vaporcito

DJ Greyboy  Greybreaks Volume 1
   Funk On THe Brain
   On the Down Low
   Gap Jam

James   Wah Wah   POlydor
   Hammer Strings
   Pressure's On

John Lurie  Fishing With John  Strange and 
Beautiful Music
   Nan Jug
   The Beast

Kahil El Zabar  Renaissance of the Resistance Delmark
   Renaissance of the Resistance

Bjork   YOu Only Live Twice  Electra

Bjork   Debut    Electra
   The Anchor Song

Ali Farka TOure Ali Farka TOure   World Circuit

Baba Maal  Live    Island

Medeski MArtin and Wood Combustification  Blue Note
   Just LIke I Pictured It

MMW   The Dropper   Blue NOte
   PArdito Alto

MMW   Tonic    Blue NOte
   Your LAdy
   Hey Joe