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Playlist for Sunday, July 29, 2007

  Artist—Song—Recording Date—Album—Label
• Sarah Vaughan—The Very Thought Of You—1962—Sarah+2—Roulette Jazz
• Christian McBride—Too Close for Comfort—1994—Getting’ To It—Verve (A Christian McBride Situation performing at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center tomorrow, July 30th, 7 & 9 pm)
• Sarah Vaughan—When Sunny Gets Blue—1962—Sarah+2—Roulette Jazz
• Christian McBride—Black Moon—1994—Getting’ To It—Verve
• Pascal Le Boeuf—Hey Fever—2005—Migration— (Le Boeuf Brothers Quintet Kuumbwa Jazz Center this Thurs., Aug. 2nd, 7pm)

• Sarah Vaughan—Just Squeeze Me—1962—Sarah+2—Roulette Jazz
• Earl Hines—Squeeze Me—1964—The Indispensable, Vol. 5/6 (1944-1966)—RCA Black & White
• Earl Hines—Honeysuckle Rose—1944—The Indispensable, Vol. 5/6 (1944-1966)—RCA Black & White
• Earl Hines and his Orch—Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues—1940—1939-1940—Classics (France)

• Earl Hines and his Orch—Deep Forest—1940—1939-1940—Classics (France)
• Earl Hines and his Orch—Number 19—1940—1939-1940—Classics (France)
• Earl Hines—Body And Soul—1940—1939-1940—Classics (France)
• Earl Hines and his Orch, fea. Billy Eckstine—Jelly, Jelly—1940—1939-1940—Classics (France)
• Earl Hines—Child Of A Disordered Brain—1940—1939-1940—Classics (France)

• David Slusser—Walking Caen—Trouble In Tiretown—Jazz Excursion
• Till Bronner—Bumpin’—2006—Oceana—EmArcy
• Wil Blades—Mr. Lewis—2007—Sketchy—Doodlin’ Records
• Sam Yahel Trio—Bend the Leaves—2005—Truth And Beauty—Origin Records
• Roberto Fonseca—Llego Cachaíta—2007—Enja
• Billy Bang Quintet, fea. Frank Lowe—At Play In The Fields Of The Lord—2003—Above & Beyond: An Evening In Grand Rapids—Justin Time

Jazz pianist Sal Mosca (April 27, 1927-July 28, 2007) died yesterday at age 80:
• Warne Marsh and Sal Mosca—The Hard Way—1979—Warne Marsh Group: How Deep, How High—Discovery Records LP
• Warne Marsh and Sal Mosca—Noteworthy—1979—Warne Marsh Group: How Deep, How High—Discovery Records LP
• Warne Marsh and Sal Mosca—Finish Touch—1979—Warne Marsh Group: How Deep, How High—Discovery Records LP
• Warne Marsh and Sal Mosca—How Deep, How High—1979—Warne Marsh Group: How Deep, How High—Discovery Records LP

• Lee Konitz, fea. Sal Mosca and Miles Davis—Odjenar—1951—Miles Davis: Chronicle 1951-1956—Prestige
• Warne Marsh Group—She’s Funny That Way—1977—How Deep, How High—Discovery Records LP

• Kassaba—The Montagues And Capulets—2007—Dark Eye—Kassaba
• Red Mitchell Trio—Total Tumult—1969—One Long String—Sunnyside

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