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—December 30, 2007—


Gal Costa, “Pra que Cantar,” Today (DRG, 2006)
Trio M, “Modern Pine,” Big Picture (Cryptogramophone, 2007)
Andy Brown and the Storm, “Nhasi Takura,” Tales of the Mbira (Sheer Sound, 2005)

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, “Conduction #31, E I,”Testament: A Conduction Collection: Conduction 31, Conduction 35, Conduction 36 (New World, 1995)
Juan Torres “El Ciclón de Jerez,” “De los Campos de Jerez,” Legends of Gypsy Flamenco (ARC, 2000)
Juan Carmona, “Django” and “Hierbecita,” Sinfonia Flamenca (Le Chant du Monde, 2006)

Mayada El Hennawi, “Endi Kalam: Part I,” Endi Kalam (Music Master, n.d.)


Khaled, “El-H’mam,” Ya-Rayi (Universal, 2004)
Hasni, “Ntia La Doua,” Hour Rai (Aladin, n.d.)
Lágbajá, “Toun T’erin,” Me (Motherlan’ Music, 2000)

Birame N’Diaye, “N’Déwé Déwé Yo,” Senegal: Nalanke Pular: A Fulbe Griot (VDE, 2005)
Memphis Minnie, “Chickasaw Train Blues (Low Down Dirty Thing),” Out Came the Blues (1934-1939) (MCA, 1982)
Herbie Nichols, “House Party Starting,” The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Herbie Nichols (Blue Note, 1997)

Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake, “Planet E,” From the River to the Ocean (Thrill Jockey, n.d.)
Chico Hamilton, “Forest Flower,” Man from Two Worlds (Impulse, 1964)

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