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—December 2, 2007—


Roswell Rudd and Yomo Toro, “El Amor,” El Espíritu Jíbaro (Soundscape, 2007)
Sonora Ponceña, “Moreno Soy,” Explorando (Emusica, 2007)

Henry Threadgill and Make a Move, “100 Year Old Game,” Where’s Your Cup? (Columbia, 1997)
Parashumani, “Loda Mo Na Thila Golaka,” Voices for Humans, Ancestors and Gods: A Musical Journey through India’s Interior (East and North-East) (Topic, 2006)

G. S. Sachdev and Zakir Hussain, “Shudha Sarang,” Flights of Improvisation (Lyrichord, n.d.)
Ronu Majumdar, “Bhatiali in Dadra Tal,” Ronu Majumdar: Bansuri (India Archive, 2002)


Majid Bekkas, “Bossoyo,” Mogador (Sowarex, 2004)
José Luis Monton, “Aroma,” Aroma (Auvidis, 1997)
Youssou N’Dour, “Baay Faal,” Rokku Mi Rokka (Nonesuch, 2007)

Fred Anderson and Hamid Drake, “Strut Time,” From the River to the Ocean (Thrill Jockey, n.d.)

Leena Conquest, “Dance with Me Tonight,” Come Fly Away (Cat’s Bag, 1999)
William Parker Quartet with Leena Conquest, “James Baldwin to the Rescue,” Raining on the Moon (Thirsty Ear, 2002)

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