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—August 13, 2006—

Amadou Balaké, “Toungaranké,” Taximen + (Popular African Music, 2005)
Salif Keita, “Moriba,” M’Bemba (Decca, 2006)

La Macanaita, “Buleria – Me Voy Solita a Mi Cuarto,” Flammes du Coeur: Gypsy Queens (Network, 1999)
Duquende, Miguel Poveda and Cicuelo, “No Pases por Mi Calle,” Qawwali-Flamenco (Accords Croisés, 2006)

Faiz Ali Faiz’s Qawwali Ensemble, Duquende, Miguel Poveda and Cicuelo, “Allah Hu,” Qawwali-Flamenco (Accords Croisés, 2006)
The Musicians of the Nile, “Ya Maawad Men Sabar,” Down by the River (Long Distance, 2006)


Leroy Jenkins’ Driftwood, “To Live,” The Art of Improvisation (Mutable Music, 2005)
Miya Masaoka Trio, “Monk’s Mood,” Monk’s Japanese Folk Song (Dizim, 1997)
Ensemble Nipponia, “Shirabe-Sagariha,” Japan: Kabuki and Other Traditional Music (Nonesuch, 1980)

Unidentifed musician, “Shaman’s Incantation,” Musique Dayak (Vogue, 1972)
Pak Pomhum, No Jongak and Chang Dokhwa, “Piri-Sinawi,” Sinawi Music of Korea (King, 1992)
Prima Materia, “The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost,” Meditations (Knitting Factory Works, 1995)

Vijay Iyer, “Utopia of a Tired Man,” Architextures (Asian Improv, 1998)

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