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4/24/05 PLAYLIST

Sabri Moudallal, "Ta'adhabtu" and "Qudud," Chants d'Alep (Institut du Monde Arabe,


Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim), "Ishmael," Africa: Tears and Laughter (Inner City,
Sorry Bamba, "Hamdallaye," Hamdallaye (Sonodisc, 1995)


Sorry Bamba, "Kanuba," Le Tonnerre Dogon (Bolibana, 1987)
The Viceroys, "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego," Ya Ho: The Viceroys at Studio One
 (Heartbeat, 1995)
Don Evans, "Trouble in This World," Bamboo Fence and Curry Goat: Foundation
 Dancehall (Black Solidarity, n.d.)
Tommy McCook, "Real Cool," Jazz in Jamaica (Culture Press, 1999)  


E. Ngbozo, Sofine Zangué and others, "Yaa-kuri," Centrafrique: Musique Gbáyá: Chants
 à Penser 2 (Ocora, 1995)
Bobby Previte, "Open World," Pushing the Envelope (Gramavision, 1995)
Archie Shepp, "Frankenstein," The Way Ahead (Impulse, 1968)


Gemini All-Stars de Ti Manno, "Neg Kont Neg," Gemini All-Stars de Ti Manno (Chancy,
Marlene Dorcena, "Lanmou Lakay," Mésy (Contre-Jour, 2002)
Tania Libertad, "Historia de un Amor," Costa Negra (World Village, 2002) 


Kékélé, "Baninga," Rumba Congo (Stern's Africa, 2001)
Pape Fall and African Salsa, "Diongoma Senegal," Artisanat (Stern's/Earthworks, 2002) ) 


Souad Massi, "Ya Kelbi," Deb (Heart Broken) (Wrasse, 2003)

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