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3/27/05 PLAYLIST

Gamelan Semar Pagulingan from Besan-Ababi/Karangasem, "Goak Macok," Music from
 Bali (Schott Wergo, 1996)


Detty Kurnia, "Dar Der Dor," Dari Sunda (Riverboat, 1996)
Mukhsin, "Tanjuang Sani," Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, Volume 2 (Sublime
 Frequencies, 2004)
Chaba Zahouania, "Samehni," Le Meilleur de Chaba Zahouania (Blue Silver 1994)


Unidentified artists, title unknown, Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, Volume 2 (Sublime
 Frequencies, 2004)
Anthony Braxton, "Part One: Procession," Composition No. 102 for Orchestra and
 Puppet Theatre (Braxton House, 1996) 


Mehdi Hassan, "Duniya Kisi Ke Pyar Mein," Golden Greats of Mehdi Hassan (Serengeti
 Sirocco, 1990)
Myra Melford/The Tent, "Where the Ocean Misquotes the Sky," Where the Two Worlds
 Meet (Arabesque, 2004)


Ralph Peterson, "Shade of Jade," The Fo'tet Augmented (Criss Cross Jazz, 2004)
Africando, "Grog Moin," Gombo Salsa (Stern's Africa, 1996)
Ismael Miranda and Junior Gonzalez, "Cantar o No Cantar," Cantar o No Cantar (Asefra,
Ismael Miranda and Andrés Jiménez, "Son de Vieques," Son de Vieques (Two Star, n.d.) 


Sonic Liberation Front, "Agua Dulce," Ashé a Go-Go (High Two, 2004)
Oumou Sangare, "Denw," Worotan (World Circuit, 1996)
Adama Diabate, "Jako Baye," Jaco Baye (Stern's Africa, 1995)
Malouma, "Char'aa," Dunya (Marabi, 2003)

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