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Sweet Smoke
Mondays, Midnight to 2 am
Host: Just Justin
Playlist for December 3, 2006

Peggy - Puccio Roelens (Fontana)
Disillusioned Man - Demonfuzz (Janus)
Days To Come - Bonobo (Ninja Tune)
Within You, Without You - Soulful Strings (Cadet)
Lady Garden - TM Juke (Tru Thoughts)
Tropicola - Nino Nardini (Peer International)
Nightlite - Bonobo (Ninja Tune)
Solar Flares - Sven Libaek (Peer International)
Smilin' Billy Suite, Pt. 2 - The Heath Brothers (Strata East)
If You Stayed Over - Bonobo (Ninja Tune)
After Laughter Comes Tears - Wendy Rene (Stax)
Sixth Dimension - Stefano Torossi (Sermi)
I Walk On Guilded Splinters - Johnny Jenkins (Atco)
Gingold's Jackpot - Damn! (Raw Fusion)
Walk In The Sky - Bonobo (Ninja Tune)
Come Away - TM Juke (Tru Thoughts)
Bee's On Mars - TM Juke (Tru Thoughts)
Ketto - Bonobo (Ninja Tune)
Absence Heard, Presence Felt - Quantic (Tru Thoughts)
Melody - Serge Gainsbourg (Philips)
Flute Sequence - Franco Micalizzi (Barclay)
Easy Muffin - Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune)
Shivers - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Long Distance Call - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Hiperbole - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Deep Breath - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Konfusion - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Test Drive - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Wooden Toy - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Split - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
Seaweed - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)

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