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Sweet Smoke
Mondays, Midnight to 2 am
Host: Just Justin
Playlist for September 18, 2006


Guest Host: Seth

1. Lonnie Liston Smith "Epansions" (Flying Dutchman)
2. Dorothy Ashby "Canto de Osshano" (Cadet)
3. Bro Jack McDuff "Oblighetto" (Blue Note)
4. Eugene McDaniels "Jagger The Dagger" (Atlantic)
5. Eddie Fisher "Jeremiah Puckett" (Cadet)
6. The 24-Carat Black "Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth" (Enterprise)
7. Bohannon "Singing A Song For My Mother" (Dakar)
8. Steve Davis "Lalune Blanche" (RCA)
9. JR Bailey "Just Me N You" (MAM)
10. Barbara Acklin "Please Sunrise" (Brunswick)
11. Mike James Kirkland "Hang On In There" (Bryan)
12. Barry White "Just A Little More Baby" (Phillips)
13. Nina Simone "Baltimore" (CTI)
14. Matthew Larkin Cassell "In My Life" (MLC)
15. Electric Prunes "Holy Are You" (Reprise)
16. Lyn Collins "Put It On The Line" (People)
17. David McCallum "The Edge" (Capitol)
18. Augustus Pablo "Skateland Rock" (Kaya)
19. Roy Ayers "We Live In Brooklyn Baby" (Polydor)
20. Wilson Pickett "Engine Engine No. 9" (Atlantic)
21. Lyn Christopher "Take Me With You" (Paramount)
22. Gwen McCrae "90% Of Me Is You" (CAT)
23. Gil Scott Herron/Brian Jackson "1980" (Arista)
24. The 24 Carat Black "24 Carat Black (Theme)" (Enterprise)
25. JR Bailey "Love Love Love" (MAM)

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