Roots, Rock, Reggae

Friday Night from 9:00 PM to Midnight on KUSP Santa Cruz, California,

hosted By Lance Linares

Playlist for 02/07/03

(Format: Artist - Title - Label)

Indu/Major Lloyd/Bubby Blue-Peace-I Spy

*Bob Marley Birthday Special*
-Trenchtown-Tuff Gong-12"
-Roots Rock Reggae Music/Roots Rock Dub
-Running Away/Crazy Baldhead-live Santa Cruz '79
-Cry to Me-Island
-Concrete Jungle ja version-Tuff Gong
-Waiting in Vain-Tuff Gong-12"
-Three Little Dubs-Island
-Mix Up Mix Up-Island
-Wake Up and Live-Island-12"
-Punky Reggae Party-Tuff Gong-12"

-Punky Reggae Party Version-Tuff Gong-12"
-Why Should I (Bone Remix)-Tuff Gong
-Forever Loving Jah-Tuff Gong
-So Much Trouble-Tuff Gong
-Rat Race live Roxy '76-Tuff Gong
-Real Situation-Island
-Get up Stand up-Record Plant '73-Tuff Gong
-Small Axe-Trojan
-No Water-Trojan
-TrenchTown Rock-Trojan
-Soul Rebel-Trojan
-Sun is Shining-Trojan
-Soul Almighty-Trojan

-Redemption Song band version-Tuff Gong


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