The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for November 30, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser


 Cecil Taylor---Communication #9---Jazz Composers Orchestra CD
 Tape Beatles---Call of the Carpenter, Lessons in Truth, Beautiful
 Necessity, New Thought, Points Within A Circle---Good Times CD
 Nurse With Wound---The Strange Play of the Mouth, River/Dance of
 Fools---Automating Volume 2 LP
 Nurse With Wound---Swamp Rat---Off of untitled NWW/Current 93 split
 Nurse With Wound---Sylvia and Babs High Thigh Companion LP
 AMM---Page 9:2 Plus---Inexhaustible Document CD
 Art Ensemble of Chicago---Oouffnoon, Ohnedaruth---Bap-Tizum LP
 Roswell Rudd---Satanís Dance---Everywhere LP
 Randy Grief---A Caucaus Race, Prizes! Prizes,!  Only a Thimble--- from
 CD 2 of 5 CD Alice in Wonderland Set