The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Thursday, September 28, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser

Iggy Pop---Shake Appeal---Raw Power LP
Captain Beefheart---Human Gets Me Blues, When Big Joan Sets Up, Woe Is Ah Me Bop, Bellerin Plane, Electricity, Surenuffnyesido---Grow Fins Vol 2 CD
HNAS---Als Der Morgen Kam, War Es, Als Sei Nur Eine Nacht Vergangen LP
Controlled Bleeding---The Shallow Sky, After Separation, Voices of the Dead, The Peacock---The Scourging Ground LP
Rick Walker---Various Selections---Loop Pool CD
Lester Bowie---Number 2---Numbers 1 and 2 LP
Leroy Jenkins---Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America LP
Arthur Doyle---Spiritual Healing---Arthur Doyle Quartet Live at the Cooler NYC LP
Dubravko Detoni---Fable---Acezantez CD