The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for December 28, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser


 Soviet France---The Silver Gate, In My Secrecy I was Real, Feel the
 Warmth, The Moment Obscure---Shadow, Thief of the Sun CD
 Voice Crack---Silver, Water---Shock Late LP
 Randy Grief---Hand It Over Here, In the Distance, Ferrets are Ferrets,
 a Shower of Pebbles, A Shower of Pebbles revisited---Alice in
 Wonderland CD 2
 Alan Silva---untitled---Ongoing Strings with Burton Green on Hat Hut  LP
 Alan Silva---Luna Surface---Celestial Communications Orchestra
 Alan Silva---Connecting with the Devine---Transmissions with Oluyemi Thomas CD
 Keith Rowe---Very---Harsh CD
 Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo---Victoriaville MA 1 1999---Fuck Shit Up CD