The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
March 22, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser

Volcano The Bear---Meisheishorses---The One Burned Ma CD
Dedication to sister Solveig---Green by Edie Brickell---Picture Perfect
Morning CD
Dedication to Leslie, after being shafted by her boss---
Stiff Little Fingers---Doesn’t Make It Alright---Nobodies Heroes LP
Stiff Little Fingers---Break Out---Inflammable Material LP
Stiff Little Fingers---Gotta Getaway---Nobodies Heroes LP
Chrystal Belle Scrodd---Dead Roads---Beastings CD
Biota---Bellowing Room---Song Title and LP
Dead Voices On Air---Dogger, Ice Cream For Girl---Self Titled CD
Dead Voices On Air---Soul Catcher---New Word Machine CD
Nurse With Wound---The Strange Play of the Mouth, Elderly Man
River/Dance of Fools---Automating Volume 2 LP
Archie Shepp and Philly Joe Jones---The Lowlands LP
Alan Silva and Oluyemi Thomas---Excerpts from Transmissions
Max Roach and Anthony Braxton---Birth---Birth and Rebirth LP
Konstructivits---Tears, Smack---Could You Walk Upon the Water LP
Voice Crack with Jim O’Rourke---Fruit Pants---Table, Chair and Hat Stand CD
Soviet France---Birch Brake, Sein,  Spin Hellisein, Tan-Tan---Songs For
Soviet Youth CD


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