The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Thursday, September 21, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser

Erik M---No Accident---Turntable Solos CD
Extasis---Neurosis---Turntable Solos CD
Borbetomagus---Untitled---Barbed Wire Maggots LP
David Tibet & Steven Stapleton---Bubblehead---Octopus CD
Wendy Mae Chambers---New York, New York---Gravichords, Whirlygigs and Pyrophones CD

Crionoclast---Like A Propeller Running Up
Vox Populi---Apapa Logos
Max Eastley & David Toop---Burial Rites
Arcane Device---Giant Steps
Osso Exotico---Babel Crypt
Le Syndicat---Dissection Fantasy
All off the Gnomean Haigon Aimean LP

Anthony Braxton---Small Compositions 1 through 5, In the Street, This
Time---This Time LP
Christian Marclay/Gunter Muller---Pinata, Dea Ex Machina, Pfiff, Sunny Side Up, Sore Eros---Live Improvisations CD
Plotkin/Gutzeit---Halo---Mosquito Dreams CD
The Gerogerigegege---Untitled---Endless Humiliation CD
Nurse With Wound---Sea Armchair, Migration to the Heap, Earthwork, Red Period---Spiral Insana CD