The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for December 21, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser


 Faust---Itís a Rainy Day, No Harm---Faust So Far CD
 Faust---Why Donít You Eat Carrots---Faust First CD
 Faust---Just a Second, Picnic on a Frozen River, Giggy Smile,
 LauftÖHeisst das es Lauft Oder es Kommt baldÖLauft, Itís a Bit of a
 Pain--- Faust Four CD
 Faust---Hurricane, tenne Laufen, C Pluus, Irons, Cendre, Sixty Sixty,
 winds---You Know Us LP
 Faust---Miss Fortune---Faust 1st LP
 Faust---Munic/Yesterday---Song and LP
 Faust---Abgrunde, Reise---Faust Wakes Nosferatu LP
 Marion Brown---Afternoon of a Georgia Faun---Song and LP Title
 Marion Brown---Exhibition---Marion Brown Quartet on ESP CD
 Marion Brown---Delicado---Three For Shepp LP
 Marion Brown---Eleven Light City/Part 1 of 4---Sweet Earth Flying LP