The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Thursday, July 20, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser
ArtistSong Title(s)Album or CD
Zoviet FranceRamCollusion CD
JarboeThe Walls Are BleedingDry Lungs Compilation One album
Pharoah SandersPreviewJazz Composers Orchestra CD
John CageAria with Magnetic TapeTime Series 2000 album
Coil (Dedicated to Kristen) Various Hands, The Swelling of Leeches, The Pope Held Upside Down, His Body was a Playground for the Nazi Elite, Homage to SewageUnnatural History CD
Premature EjaculationViews in the Bottling Room albumAssertive Discipline album
ResidentsA Spirit Steals a Child, The Festival of DeathEskimo album
Holgar CzukayBoat Woman SongThe Early Gurus of Electronic Music CD
Joseph JarmanLittle Fox RunSong For CD
Siggilum SSide oneHallucinated Moisture of Synaptic Slaughterhouse album
Tape BeatlesDifferent Tool, Please Help Me, Positive Will, Do You Think It's an Accident?Music With Sound CD
Christian MarclayJohann Strauss collage, John Zorn collage, Martin Denny collage, Frederic Chopin collage, Fred Frith collageMore Encores CD
Andre AlmuroLe Troisieme OeilDepli CD
Nurse With WoundDead Roads/Cradle Your Snatch/The Little Seed, The Frightened City, The Window on the WorldThe Swinging Reflective CD