The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
July 19, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser

Dubravko Detoni with Acezantez---Dokument 75, Kitsch Variations, Fable,
Grafika 6, Group Gymnastics
Helen Sage---French Pan Pan
Un Drame Musical Instantane---Donít Lock the Cage
Collective Nox---Chantzado
Phantom Tollbooth---New Age Hell
Die Form---Animal Instinct Parts 2 and 7
Arthur Potter---With Commercial
All off the Dry Lungs Compilation 3 by Paul Lemos
NegativeLand---Harry To The Ferry, The Answer Is, The Scolding Box, That
darn Keet, Dear Mary, Clutch Cargo Ď81---Points LP 1982
Christian Marclay---Selections 3-12 off his Records Ď81-í89 collaged
with AMMís Generative Themes
Burton Greene and Alan Silva---The Ongoing Strings Part One---Hat Hut LP

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