The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
May 17, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser

Its A Bevis Frond "Other Side of the Tracks"!!
Entire show dedicated to Nick Saloman and his great band The Bevis Frond

Songs and albums---
Frond Cheer/Leave a Light On---Vavona Burr LP
Well Out of It---Live at Great American Music Hall CD
Downtime, Beetroots---Fred Bison V LP
Mother Dust---New River Head LP
Heritage Coast---North Circular LP
High in a Flat---A Gathering of Fronds LP
Down Again---Aunt Winnie LP
PipecallóMagic Muscle CD
Living In Real Time---Valitictory Songs LP
We Are The Dead--- Valedictory Songs LP
Day One---It Just Is LP
Flying Igloos---Bevis and Twink LP
Bull Dozer/Looks Like Rain---Vavona Burr LP
You Saw Me Coming---Son Of walter LP
Lord of Nothing/Now Sheís Gone/On a Liquid Wheel---London Stone LP
Stoned Train Driver---Live a Great American Music Hall CD
Sheís Entitled To---New River Head LP
Canít Stop Lying---It Just Is LP
Maybe---Miasma LP
Soul Destruction---Fred Bison V CD
Could You Fly Higher---Superseeder LP
Dead Man Sitting on a Train---Son of walter LP
In Another Year---Through the Looking Glass LP
Bad Time---A Gathering of Fronds
Let The Beautify You---Validictory Songs LP
See you---Sprawl LP
It Wonít Come Again---New River Head LP
Raining On TV/Winnerís Way---Son of Walter LP
Express Man---Doctor Frond LP
The Wind Blew all Around Me---North Circular LP
You Just Donít Feel That Way About Me---Vavona Burr LP
Iím On Edge/Fuse Blew---Fred Bison V CD
Where the Old Boys Go---North Circular LP
Begging Bowl---Vavona Burr LP


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