The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for November 16, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser


 Diamanda Galas---I asked the Devil, "What Time Is It"?---Vena Cava CD
 Nurse With Wound/Aranos---A Window of Possible Organic
 Development---Acts of Senseless Beauty
 Nurse With Wound/Aranos---Peak of Purified Dream, Dusty Bella, The
 Knife Knows His Doing---Santoor Lena Bicycle CD

 HNAS---Quietsschend, laut and Ungestum
 Cinema Verite---Gebetsmuhlen
 Frieder Butzmann/Thomas Kapielski---Raush, Leiden Und Gesang Des B.,
 Und Es K
 Werkbund---Unter Der Stadt 3
 S.B.O.T.H.I---Meio 2
 (Last 5 selections off of Neue Deutsche Post Avant Garde LP)
 Eric Lunde---Tape Death Cut LP
 Laughing Hands---Richmond Bridge
 P16D4---Mass Mensch, Eriegnisse VI-VIII, Halbmensch
 Nurse With Wound---Ciconia
 (Last 4 selections off of Mass Mensch CD)
 Roscoe Mitchell with the Brus Trio ---Mr. Freddie---After Falling
 Leaves CD
 Roscoe Mitchell and The Note Factory---The Rodney King Affair---This
 One is for Steve McCall CD
 Roscoe Mitchell and The Sound Ensemble---Cutouts for Quintet---3 X 4
 Eye CD
 Roscoe Mitchell---Nonaah---Song and LP---with Joseph Jarman and Henry