The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
April 12, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser

5 Hour Show/The Other Side of the Jamboree

Dedication to Jennifah on her Birthday---
The Birthday Party---Happy Birthday---Birthday Party EP
The Birthday Party---Big Jesus Trash Can---Junk Yard LP
The Birthday Party---King Ink---Prayers On Fire LP
Live Human---Step Up---AntiPrologue, Monstersaurus---LP
DJ Faust---Side M---Man or Myth LP
Otomo Yoshihide---HK---Sound Factory LP
Christian Marclay with Otomo Yoshihide---Sliced and Diced, Derailment,
Deep Down Under, Elephant Memories---Moving Parts CD
Christian Marclay with Gunter Muller---Sore eros, Je Ne Vous Oublierai
Jamais, The Ransom Note, Dreh-Moment, Vitalium, A Rose is a Rose is a
Rose, Rififi, Arivederci---Live Improvisations CD
Cranioclast---Like a Propeller Running Up
Vox Populi---Apapa Logos
Max Eastley and David Toop---Burial Rites
Arcane Device---Giant Steps
Osso Exotico---Babel Crypt
Le Syndicat---Dissection Fantasie
All off A Gnomean Haigonaimean Compilation LP
Extended Organ---Tubby, Ooh Tang, Shuck Venus, Transducer---XOXOX CD
Zoviet France---Nruknesh, Caarcuraz, Mi Mi Mi, Rangmabasm---Garista CD
Morphogenisis---Deep Urus, Kaon---Formative Causation CD, joind by the
Tape Beatles---A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse
Brume---An Introduction to Dumping Systems---Brume/La Nomenklator Split LP
Dept of Nature---30 Fathoms Under Hamper
Genocide Organ---Search for a Place to Die
Blackhumour---tab to Block Bicuspid
Asmus Tietchens---Mehr luft
Crazy Worship---Sewdero Luminoso
Premature Ejaculation---Superficial Pulse
All off the Perpetual State of Oracular Dream compilation LP
Gary Kail---Media Saturation, Hallucinatory Insight---Zurich 1916/Creative Nihilism LP
AMM---In the Realm of Nothing Whatsoever---AMMMusic 1966 CD
Nurse With Wound---Side Two---A sucked Orange LP
Un Drame Musical Instantane---Ask Why and Against, Noise
Conspiracy---Rideau LP

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