The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Thursday, October 12, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser

Nurse With Wound/Foetus---Brained by Falling Masonry---NWW Collaborations CD

Merzbow, P.16D.4, SBOTHI, Maybe Mental, Le Syndicat, Sleep Chamber, John Duncan, P 231/Ankh, Dog as Master, Problemist---All untitled tracks---Dry Lungs Compilation 1 LP
Volcano the Bear---The Color of My Mind, She Sang a Song of Norway, Ped is
Feet, Reahs Mort, Lily and the Sparrow---The One Burned Ma CD
Borbetomagus---Lady Big Boy---Shaking Ray Levis LP
Current 93---To Feed the Moon---In Menstrual Night LP
Marion Brown---Why Not?---Why Not on ESP CD
Archie Shepp---Lybia---Jazz A Confronto LP
Keith Rowe---Ode Machine #2---A Dimension of Perfectly Ordinary Reality CD
Terry Burrows Loops Record with Sound Text Festival-Ten Years overdubbed---Each Side Two---LP's
The Mixed Band Philanthropist---Various Untitled Selections---CD
Soviet France---Various Untitled Selections---Digalogue CD