The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
July 12, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser

Plunderphonic masterworks by John Oswald off the recently released two
CD compilation.
Biota---Bellowing Room on Cuniform Records
More Plunderphonics by Oswald
Volcano the Bear---Oslo Top, Reah Mort, 100 Years of Longitude, Kindly,
Sex Transfusion, Egg Knowledge, Botticello---Volseptor Live 1998 CD
Nurse With Wound---Bearded Lady, Odd, Aqarium, Dirty Fingernails,
Sheila, Na Gig, Red Flipper, Head Cold, Scapegoat, Cranke, Wisecrack,
Glory Hole, Brained by Falling Masonry---Large Ladies with Cake in the
Oven CD
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra---Next Stop Mars---When angels
Speak of Love CD Recorded 1963, reissued on Evidence

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