The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
April 16, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser

Sitting in for Christina’s Anamoly
A Nurse With Wound Extravaganza!

He’s Running a Temperature---The Ladies Home Tickler LP
The Dadda’s Intoxication---NWW/Stereolab  Crumbduck Collaboration CD
Great Balls of Fur!---Sylvia and Babs Hi-Thigh Compilation
Amphimixis, Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish, Walk the White Ghost,
Lucifer Before Sunrise, Flower Drum Song---Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish CD
Bearded Lady, Odd aquarium, Dirty Fingernails---Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven CD
Easy Snapping, Home is Where the Heart Is, Monument to Perez Prado,
Approaching Darkness Fish, The standard of Table Daddy---Who Can I turn To Stereo CD
Nil by Mouth---Alas, The Madonna Does Not Function
Lonely Poisonous Mushroom---Automating volume 2 LP
Part 9/Lumps Sister---NWW/Sol Invictus/Current 93 box set
Wreath Pose at Sacrifice---Bringing Up Baby LP
Prelude to a TG---Alice the Goon CD
Animal or Vegetable---The Swinging Reflective CD
Several Odd Moments Prior to Lunch, Phenomenon of Aquarium, Bearded
Lady---Gyllenskold, Geijerstam and I LP

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