The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for January 11, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser


Tape Beatles---Music With Sound, Beautiful State, Green Blue Beautiful
Place, Whole New Animal, Different Tool, Please Help Me, Positive Will,
Do You think Itís An Accident?, Desire, Elevator Music, Rah, Rah Up and
Down, I Canít Help You at All, Sorry I Canít Do It, Another Blue
Night---Music With Sound CD

Ralf Wehowsky---Atemubugen, B-M-Phase, Solo Fur 2 Guitarren, 2 Hande Und
1 Fub, Fur N.O.E., Encore II---Early W One, In Search Of CR

Creative Construction Company---Muhal, Part 2, Spiral---Creative
Construction Company LP

Creative Construction Company---No more White Gloves Part 2 ---Creative
Construction Company LP Part 2

Borbetomagus and Voice Crack---We Donít Need No Warrior Goddess,
Vungavunga---Untitled LP

Karlheinz Stockhausen---Aus Den Sieben tagen---Fais Voile ver Le Soliel

Randy Greif---Sneezing and Howling, Speak Roughly To your little Boy, A
Handsome Pig, Iím Mad, Youíre Mad---Alice In Wonderland Continued, Part
of CD 3 in 5 CD series

David Tudor and John Cage---Rainforest II with Mureau, A Simutaneous
-First 20 minutes of CD 1