The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Febrary 8, 2001
 hosted by Dag Weiser


DJ Spooky & Totemplow---Hallucination Dance Mix---LP on Manifold
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band---Tropical Hotdog Night, Nowadays a
Womanís Gotta Hit A Man, Owed TíAlex, Dropout Boogie, Harry Irene, Abba
Zabba, Her Eyes Are A Million Blue Miles, Old Fart At Play, Well, Ice
Rose, Moonlight On Vermont, The Floppy Boot Stomp, You Know Youíre A
Man, Bat Chain Puller, Apes-Ma, When I See Mommy I Feel like A Mummy,
Veterans Day Poppy, Safe As Milk, Suction Prints---Iím Gonna Do What I
Wanna Do, Live At "My Fatherís Place" CD

Ornette Coleman---Rock The Clock, All My Life, Law Years, The Jungle Is
A Skyscraper---Science Fiction LP

Paul Lytton and Paul Lovens---Moinho Da Asneira---LP and Song title

Public Works---Substance, Mortal Mind, Vesicle, Noise, Sudden Impulse,
Follow Me---Matter CD (An Extension of the Tape Beatles projects)