The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for December 7, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser


 Randy Grief---Hand It Over Here, In the Distance, Ferrets Are
 Ferrets---From CD 2 of Alice in Wonderland
 Alice Shields---Coyote---CRI Electronic Compilation LP
 Genevieve Blons---On Short wave Radio, Cred in US 1942---The City
 Wears a Slouch Hat CD
 Sonic Youth---John Cage Homage Four Six---Goodbye 20th Century LP
 Albert Ayler---For John Cage---Greenwich Village LP
 Albert Ayler---Spirits---Foundation Maeght Nights CD
 Albert Ayler---Music is the Healing Force of the Universe---LP and
 Albert Ayler---CT---My Name is Albert Ayler CD
 Voice Crack---Cadmium---Shock Late LP
 Voice Crack---Coat Cooker---Table Chair Hat Stand CD
 Tape Beatles---Joy and Power, the Simple way, Reality of Matter---Good
 Times CD