The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist
May 3, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser


Borbetomagus---I want to be a black weight lifter named
Douglas---Coelacath/Shaking Ray Levis EP
Borbetomagus---Concordatís #12, #13, and #14---Borbeto Jam LP
Borbetomagus---New York Performances/Live at the ABC No Rio 1986 LP
Borbetomagus and Voice Crack---Untitled track recorded live at Carnegie
Recital Hall in 1994---Concerts for Cracked Everyday Electronics and
Chamber Orchestra CD
Borbetomagus and Voice Crack---Cracked Magus, Flounder King---Fish that
Sparkling Bubble LP
Voice Crack---With a Hint of Yellow, Without Green---Below Beyond Above
Voice Crack---Water---Shock Late LP
Voice Crack---Blow Up the Jetsam, Earflash, Fluffy Dog---Earflash LP
Voice Crack---Choice, Colour---Infrared CD
(Voice Crack is Andy Guhl and Norbert Moslang on Cracked Everyday
Voice Crack with Gunter Muller and Jim OíRourke---Sock Shaver---Table
Chair and Hatstand CD
Agog---Buzzy Luggage, Boiled Eggs on Quicksand Shadows, Eastern Spores,
Bee Wire, Bubblegum Shoe Shipwreck, Shrinkwrap Laundry Hamper
Solo---Dust is Their Food and Clay is Their Meat LP
Exquisite Corpse ---From the Bunker LP
Current 93---The Great in the Small LP

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