The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for January 3, 2001
hosted by Dag Weiser


 Morphogenesis---Dark Abyss---Stromatolites CD
 Keith Rowe---Extremely---Harsh CD
 Ralf Wehowsky---Datenerfassung, Sind Wir The Human League, Der PlanÍ,
 Rutilischwur, Familie Muller, Kellermelodien, Angst, encore Fur Alle
 Pogofans---Early W-One, In Search of C.R.
 Creative Construction Company---Muhal---Creative Construction Company, Part 1 LP
 Creative Construction Company---No More White Gloves---Creative
 Construction Company, Part 2 LP
 Voice Crack---Shoe Chocolate---Table Chair Hatstand CD
 Voice Crack/Otoma Yoshihide---Untitled song---Bits, Bots and Signs CD
 Voice Crack---Cadmium---Shock__Late LP
 Randy Grief---Who Are You,?  You are Old, Father William, Three Inches
 High, Serpent---Conclusion of CD 2 in 5 CD series