The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Thursday, August 3, 2000
hosted by Dag Weiser
ArtistSong Title(s)Album or CD
MerzbowBatztoutai/The Nightingales SongTurntable Solos CD
William Burroughs and Gus Van SantThe Hipster Be-bop JunkieThe Elvis of Letters album
RapoonNo Really, How Many Of You Did Not Know That? The Alien Question, Only The Names Change, Without Aliens, I Don't Expect AnyoneWhat Do You Suppose/The Alien Question CD
Ana Maria AvramsChaosmosEditions Modern CD
Diamanda GalasCris D'Aveugle (The Blind Mans Cry)Saint of the Pit album
Keith RoweCity MusicKeith Rowe Guitar CD
Dead Voices On AirNew Words Machine CD
Controlled BleedingMusic for Magnetic TapeHog Floor album
Controlled BleedingRebirth In CamaroonsBetween Tides album
Controlled BleedingSwallowing Scrap MetalHog Floor album
Revolutionary EnsembleVietnam OneThe Vietnam CD
Nurse With WoundBearded Lady, Odd, Aquarium, Dirty FingernailsLarge Ladies With Cake in the Oven CD