The Other Side Of The Tracks Playlist for Febrary 1, 2001
                                         hosted by Dag Weiser

Biota---Bellowing Room---Bellowing Room/Tinct CD
Mnemonists---Horde---Song and LP Title
Biota---Rackabones---Song and LP Title
Mnemonists---Input, Vulnerable Than Functional---Orchestra LP
Volcano the Bear---Where Are The Bounds, Blanket Ball, Nobodies
Falling---Yak Folks YAre LP
John Oswald---Field. Angle, Prey, VT, Beat Code---Discosphere CD
John Oswald---Plexure---Song and CD Title
Exquisite Corpse---Side One---From The Bunker LP
Biota---Astral Lapse---Tinct LP