The Open Road
March 9, 2006  Playlist         Deb Hopewell           

Essex Green - "Rabbit" - Cannibal Sea
Yo La Tengo - "One PM Again" - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
The Coming Grass - "Work it Out" - Greetings from Area Code 207
Barrence Whitfield & Tom Russell - "Jack Johnson" - Hillbilly Voodoo

Frog Holler - "Sight Unseen" - Haywire
Thea Gilmore - Hide 'N Seekin'" - Loft Music
Belle and Sebastian - "The Blues Are Still Blue" - Life Pursuit

Guster - "Say That to My Face" - Rock for Relief
Clem Snide - Something Beautiful" - End of Love
Beth Orton - Heartland Truck Stop" - Comfort of Strangers
Billy Bragg - "A Lover Sings" - The Essential Billy Bragg: Must I Paint You
a Picture

Derailers - "I'm Still Missing You" - Texas Unplugged, Vol. 2
Siegal Schwall Band - "Howlin' for my Darlin'" - Complete Vanguard Recordings
Howard Tate - "Part Time Lover" - Howard Tate Live

One-hour special - Patti Smith: Horses 30th Anniversary

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