The Open Road
March 8, 2006  Playlist         

belle & sebastian-dress up in you-the life pursuit-matador
sarah harmer-will he be waiting for me-i'm a mountain-zoe
richard julian-don't wait up-slow new york-emi
shawn colvin-shotgun down the avalanche-polaroids-sony

live:Dayan Kai

tom landa & the paperboys-all along the watchtower-a nod to bob-red house
niamh parsons-the peddler-the old simplicity-green
bob dylan-blowin in the wing
long goners-ball & biscuit-indie translations of the white stripes-secret
of life records
billy burnett-it's late-memphis in manhattan-chesky

live:William R Strickland

the little willies-love me-milking bull
the subdudesone word-behind the levee-back porch
arlo guthrie & pete seeger-66 highway blues-appleseed

live: Asylum Street Spankers
asylum street spankers-trippin over you-hot lunch-ada
t bone burnett-the long time now-the criminal under....-sony

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