July 14th, 2003

hans theesink-29 ways-journey on-bluegroove
bonnie raitt-hear me lord-silver lining-capitol
taj mahal-lovin in my baby's eyes-phantom blues-private
jimmy buffett-fins-meet me in margaritaville-mca
laura love-cain't nobody-welcome to pagan placekoch
lyle lovett-church-live in texas-mca/curb
contest:what year, when written in roman numerals, uses the most letters? A:1888
patsy montana-i want a buddy, not a sweetheart-the best of-sony
dylan-thomas-vance-nine pound hammer-cowboy soul-triple m
denice franke-hard comin' home-comfort-certain
dave mackenzie-if jesus comes back-solo-hey baby
ingrid lucia-bei mir bist du schon-&the flying neutrinos-self
ray charles-mess around-the birth of soul-atlantic
peppino d'agostino-western journey-every step of the way-favored nation
dave sills-the rarest of birds-oasis acoustic vol 39-oasis
Live: meridien game&chuck mccabe

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