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Host: Moondog
moonlighting 259 1/27/2008

song~ artist { album }
another song
you get the idea

all nighter~ glenn frey
sexy girl
sea cruise
cruisin' and boozin'~ sammy hagar { red }
free money
rock and roll weekend
gates of hell~ the devil himself
eternal shame
drink~ counter clockwise
chaos and anarchy
the planets on fire ( burn in hell )~ sammy hagar
pitiful one~ the devil himself
soul kitchen~ the doors
silent world~ next day
the distancer~ cake
alcohol and pills~ robert earl keen
hiroshima~ the devil himself
open book~ cake
sasparilla~ tripsnakes
jubilee~points north
little drummer~ points north
long way down~ the devil himself
wounded in love~ sammy hagar
falling in love~
straight to the top
the road goes on forever~ robert earl keen
the five pound bass
light my fire~the doors
dawgs bull~david grisman
again and again~ trip snakes
foundation~ stone gypsy featuring mark land on vocals
program the nation~ knotsane
I want to love you madly~ cake

time to get a gun~ fred eaglesmith

dawn patrol

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