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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
moonlighting 243 11/4/2007

fast buck freddie~jefferson starship { red octopus }
take your time { earth }
long time~ molly hatchet { flirtin' with disaster }
turn the page~ bob seger { live }
bo diddley
nutbush city limits
midnight cruiser~ steely dan { can't buy a thrill }
only a fool
atlanta june~ pablo cruise { a place in the sun }
el verano
not tonight { pablo cruise }
in my own quiet way
ocean breeze
free for all~ ted nugent { free for all }
dog eat dog
( what's so funny 'bout ) peace love & understanding~ elvis costello
{ armed forces }
green river~ ccr
tombstone shadow
home at last~ steely dan
two out of three a'int bad~ meatloaf { bat out of hell }
paradise by the dashboard lights
for crying out loud
carouselambra~ led zepplin { in through the out door }
all my love

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