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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
moonlighting 215 4/15/07


song~ artist { album }

shekeyna glory~ liquid audio { spiritual warrior }
gloria~ van morrison
taxman~ beatles
stepping stone~ jimi hendrix
got to get you into my life~ beatles
tomorrow never ends
ezy ryder~ jimi hendrix
purple haze
is she really going out with him~ joe jackson
hound dog~ jimi hendrix
jumpin' jive~ joe jackson
look sharp
chum~ better
mountains~stone gypsy
armagideon time~ the clash
sweet aphrodesia~ stone gypsy
orange blossom~ dave hanley
if you come back
the tide
rock of ages
brother james
slow down
el nino~ stone gypsy
all i want
me and wingpan~ better apes
dancin on a thread
heaven's gate
little wing~ jimi hendrix
all along the watchtower
crosstown traffic
voodoo child
spanish castle magic
rock steady~ bonnie raitt
angel from montgomery
sleeps dark and silent gate
sunday papers~ joe jackson
red house~ jimi hendrix
drivin' south

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