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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
moonlighting 189 11.5.6


song~ artist { album }
another song
yet another song

[all vinyl, all night]

eli's coming~ three dog night
your song
is she really going out with him?~ joe jackson
walkin down the road~ ozark mountain daredevils
what's happened in my life
it probably always will
out of control~ eagles
tequila sunrise
desperado@45rpm ! dolly parton @33 = don henley@45 !
tidal wave~ ozark mountain daredevils
somebody else~ glenn frey { the allnighter }
lover's moon
it'll shine when it shines~ ozark mountain daredevils
happy loving couples~ joe jackson
throw it away
hey jude~ beatles
old brown shoe
don't let me down
nightwatch~ kenny loggins
easy driver
down n dirty
revolution~ beatles { hey jude }
crocodile rock~ elton john (sir)
can't buy me love~ beatles
honky cat~ elton john
i should have known better~ beatles
sexy girl~ glenn frey
bebebebennie and the jets~ elton john
the allnighter~ glenn frey
the hard way~ the knack
it's you
end of the game
the feeling i get
rave up
goon squad~ elvis costello { armed forces }
busy bodies
moods for moderns
chemistry class
happy anniversary~ little river band
hustler~ journey { next }
nickel and dime
celebrate~ three dog night

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