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Host: Moondog
162 moonlighting with moondog & grizz 6/25/2006


song~ artist { album }
another song

on a saturday night~ journey { look into the future }
all too much
[ political commentary ]
love never dies~ greg eagle
another sign~ audio liquid
el nino~ stone gypsy
and there was war in heaven~ audio liquid
heaven's gate~ better apes
thats allright~ led zepplin
bron-y-aur stomp
hats off to roy harper
used to it ~stone gypsy
mental shake down~ boz skaggs
crimes of passion
all along the watch tower~ jimi hendrix
wild thing
light my fire~ doors
little wing~ jimi hendrix
walking on the moon~ police
don't stand so close to me
the doo doo song~
homeless~ better apes
crunchy machine
last of the grunge babies
wind in my hair
spirits in the material world~police
every breath you take
love you madly~ cake
get up off of that thing~ james brown
body heat
its too funky in here
sassparilla~ trip snakes
daria~ cake
soul kitchen~ doors
the end

cross currents with gypsy

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