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Host: Moondog
moonlighting 153 5/14/2006 Mother's Day

song~ artist { album }
another song

telling stories~ tracy chapman { telling stories }
love you madly~ cake { comfort eagle }
devotion~ tracy chapman
the only one
sugar moon~ k.d. lang { shadow land }
constant craving~ k.d. lang { ingenue }
stormy monday~ stevie ray vaughn and albert king { in session }
stevie and al chewing the fat
pride and joy
ask me no questions
i heard it through the grapevine~ ccr
pep talk for stevie~ stevie ray vaughn and albert king { in session }
blues at sunrise
summertime~ janis joplin
suzie q~ ccr
ball and chain~ janis joplin
i put a spell on you~ ccr
proud mary
wash me down~ k.d. lang
criminal~ fiona apple { tidal }
short skirt, long jacket~ cake
shoot the moon~ norah jones { come away with me }
turn me on
communication breakdown~ roy orbison
walk on
coming home
match box blues~ stevie ray vaughn and albert king
mountain jam~ allman brothers
paper and ink~ tracy chapman


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