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Host: Moondog
moonlighting (152) and crosscurrents May 7th 2006

song~ artist { album }
another song

]weekly address[~ weekly
funky president~ james brown
]energy address[
public enemy # 1~ james brown
get on the good foot
summer breeze~ isley brothers
move over and let me dance~ isley bro's with some guy named jimi hendrix
stepping stone~ jimi hendrix { first rays of the new rising sun }
shout~ isley brothers
meet the flintstones~ simpsons
hey baby(new rising sun)~ jimi hendrix
earth blues
]dubai port address[
freedom~ isley brothers
keep on doin'
freedom~ jimi hendrix
]decider in chief[ address
the now show~ bbc
george bush and dr. visiquick~ harry shearer { it must have been something
i said }
dick clark's welcome home desert storm troops
fish license~ monty python
timothy leary lives~ moody blues { beyond life with timothy leary }
astro man~ jimi hendrix
in from the storm
belly button window
shotguns and beer~ drew landry and the dirty cajuns { tailgaten relief }
dirty south
i ain't got nobody~ merle haggard and the strangers { hag }
carolyn { someday we'll look back }
tulare dust
up!up!up!~ dan hicks and the acoustic warriors { shootin' straight }
shootin' straight
barstool boogie
kaw-liga~ charlie pride
is anybody goin' to san antone
kiss an angel good morning
it 's gonna take a little bit longer
you're my jamaica
hamburger midnight~ little feat
[ crosscurrents ]

forty four blues / how many more years~ little feat
the petrified man~ the waybacks { from the pasture to the future }
from the pasture to the future
the girl with the blue dress on / sally in the garden~ marley's ghost {
spooked }
]decider in chief[
monkey pants~ the way backs
cowboy lullabye~ marley's ghost
my baby don't tolerate~ lyle lovette { my baby don't tolerate }
the truck song
p'load in the house~ bela fleck and the flecktones { the hidden land }
sugar moon~ willie nelson { you don't know me: the songs of cindy walker }
i don't care
cherokee maiden
the warm red wine
nobody calls from vegas just say hello~ two high string band { moonshine
boogie }
moonshine boogie
hammerin' on
crossing the devil's backbone
beautiful trouble~ tom russell { love and fear }
stealing electricity
the sound of one heart breaking
roll and i tumble~ ray wylie hubbard { delirium tremolos }
choctaw bingo
sing one for sister~ robert earl keen, junior { west textures }
the road goes on forever { gravitational forces }
mouth of the mississippi~ michelle skocked { pico }
song for kathy~ robert earl keen, junior { no kinda dancer }


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