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Host: Moondog
151 4/30/2006

song~ artist {album}

another song

anikewa~ pele juju {live}
happy to be alive
we are all we got
rise up~ paul thorn {mission temple fireworks stand}
my baby whistles when she walks~ the trailer park troubadours {living in aluminum}
magic~ pele juju
roberta~billy c. wirtz {the best of the wirtz}
all i do~derek trucks band {songlines}
your cheatin' heart~ van morrison {pay the devil}
move~ pele juju
pay the devil~ van morrison
we the people~pele juju
higher & higher
kryptic postcards
concrete and steel
for what it's worth/mr.soul~ neil young {journey through the past}
rock and roll woman
find the cost of freedom
southern man
are you ready for the country
let me call you sweetheart
living in aluminum~ the trailer park troubadors
words~ neil young {journey through the past}
relativity inivitation
handel's messiah
king of kings
let's go away for awhile
mission temple fireworks stand~ paul thorn


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